For Every Parent: Best Ways To Identify Signs Of Stress In Your Preschoolers

Memphis University School students line up at the back of the class to learn a new song during chapel time at Perea Preschool in in Memphis, Tenn. Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2013. The group of 35 MUS boys visiting Perea to tutor and entertain the kids was one of several civic service projects by MUS students on Wednesday. One group of students volunteered to clean up along the Wolf River while others helped out with MIFA Meals on Wheels. (AP Photo/The Commercial Appeal, Jim Weber)

In preschoolers, academic and social pressures create stress. Experts stated that this is the way their body respond to any kind of demand or threat.

Stress in kids has really increased compared to years back when every school child eat well, sleep well and also engaged in moderate physical activities.

Bedwetting, mood swings, trouble concentrating and completing schoolwork and homework, throwing tantrums, eating or sleeping disorders are all simple ways to identify the signs of stress in your preschooler.

Here are few ways to help your preschooler:

Always pay attention to their feelings, encourage them to share how they feel without hiding anything. It is important for parents to teach these kids to recognize and express their emotions and to also use healthy ways to cope with the stress they experience.

Encourage physical activity and healthy eating habits. Nowadays most kids stay indoor watching TV, stick to their mobile phone or Ipad for hours without any vigorous activities. Avoid over-scheduling children and allow them free time to play.

For correction, use positive encouragement and rewards instead of punitive measures and avoid being critical and negative towards your preschooler. Show active interest in their school activities and hobbies.

Also, discovering new ways of doing things can be a means of reducing stress in preschoolers. Look for new ways to help manage your his/her time and responsibilities to lessen the anxiety.

For parents, do not discuss every issue when children are near because some children could easily pick up their parents’ anxieties and start to worry themselves.

Parents must also learn to talk with teachers and the child to know how they feel about extracurricular activities and how to make it less stressful.

When the stress is causing serious anxiety or significant problems at school, pleases see a doctor.


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