Benefits Of Eating Cashew Apple

Cashew fruits
Cashew fruits

Cashew apple and is known for being high in vitamin C, to the tune of about five times the quantity found in an orange.

Cashews  these super nuts belong to the family of Anacardiaceae,which also includes mangoes and pistachios, and are originally native to the coastal areas of northeastern Brazil. They are kidney shaped seeds and are widely cultivated in places that have tropical climates. They are grown in countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, and Tanzania. They stick to the bottom of its fruit, known as a cashew apple, and have various diverse uses, particularly in Brazil and some parts of Asia and Africa.

 Benefits of eating the cashew apple/fruit

From the nutrient analysis, the major nutrient obtained in the cashew fruit is Vitamin C which is a necessary cofactor in the formation of the amino acid L-carnitine – is a required part of the fat-burning process. It also packed with tannins that impart an acrid taste.

Nutritionists recommend consumption of cashew apple, in the form of juice or the whole fruit, for the following reasons:

  • Contains Vitamin C five times as much as orange and act as an anti-oxidant.
  • Cashew apple contains fats that promote healthy hearts and reduce high triglyceride level that is associated with increased risk of heart diseases.
  • It helps to burn more fat especially during exercise when the body utilises the big chunk of the fat to supply energy.
  • Experts even claimed the fruit juice helps is to boost energy and sexual function and promote normal sleep patterns in menopausal women.
  • Like many vitamin pack fruits, it helps to boost the immune system to enable the body fight diseases.
  • It is rich in calcium that enhanced healthy muscles and bones in the body.
  • The vitamin C in cashew apple is a powerful remedy for colds.

Cashew fruit can be produced as whole juice or mix fruits juice. In other countries like Brazil and India, it has been successfully used, in combination with other ingredients, to make wine, jam, juice drinks and cocktails.

While cashew nut remains world’s favourite, the apple is left to rot away or even discarded due to the challenges posed by their short shelf life and quick fermentation. Even Brazil processes only about 12 percent of its crop of the fruit annually.

Cashew was introduced into Nigeria between 15 and 16 centuries by the Portuguese explorers for the purpose of preventing erosion and the afforestation schemes of the Eastern Nigeria and the fruit became popular in 1953.


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