Fasasi Tosin Oladayo; The 18 Year-Old Nigerian Inventor With Four Patents To His Name

Fasasi Tosin Oladayo  is a third year Aerospace engineering student. He currently own four patents and he is also the founder of Nigeria biggest telecommunication equipment company Demfas Aerosystems.  According to the company’s website, Demfas Aerosystems is a Nigerian manufacturer of radio transmitting and receiving equipment based in Nigeria. We are providing instant voice quality across a wider area and having a stable and immediate communication in times of emergency and also providing a stable communication in rural areas whereby cellular signal are inoperable since they operate on radio frequencies. Our devices offers encrypted communication, GPS mapping and others.

After a brief discussion with him,  I was able to go through some of his patent certificate. Being curious on his course of study and his projects,  I asked why he isn’t doing anything related to his course and he immediately brought out his laptop opening through numerous folders showing some simulations,  CAD diagrams and some technical details on the drone his company is working on.

I asked if he is going to manufacture all these parts himself and how viable is his vision of producing an unmanned aerial vehicle of such standard here locally and he said “I’m purchasing the engine and am having a transfer of technology to be able to locally produce a ground control system. You see this folders,(point at some folders in his laptop) they are filled with technical details on most communications aspects. Those are things am capable of doing with the help of a great team.” He said I just need some funding and trust me everyone will be shocked to this in Nigeria. Basically,   I just want you to know that all components are being covered by my patents,  my designs, circuit and whatever. I made sure all inventions in all of my products are being covered with patents.

Being curious on how he has been able to fund his projects to this level, he replied in confidence again “I have a company generating revenue so I’m able to do something from my sales while also building up a brand”

He belongs to some foreign organizations and currently working on. His company is a revenue generating company,  has ovrt 400 units of his products used by consumers in foreign countries such as USA,  Germany and Pakistan.

Attached are his products while I forgot to take his picture,  I was able to get one through google.


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