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Fast Food Workers Reveal The Food You Should Never, Ever Order.

A Reddit thread has gone viral after one user posed the question: “Fast food workers: what should we never order from you?”
In the five days that it’s been posted, the thread has received more than 16,000 replies.

It may be hard to stomach, but the responses are worth committing to memory. They may save you an uncomfortable evening on the porcelain throne.


Oven-roasted chicken. 

User Hotpotabo said:

“The “oven roasted” chicken was actually boiled in a microwave.”

chicken croppedCold cut turkey.

User Gluupor said:

“I was a line cook for a bar several years ago. My one rule now at such an establishment is no cold cuts (turkey sandwich, etc.) If it does not need to be put in a fryer or on a grill, some ~20 year old kid is handling it with his bare hands right after playing with his balls, I guarantee it.”

cold cut turkey via istock

Tuna Sandwiches.

User Karma Virus said:

“Tuna sandwiches. 80% mayonnaise.”

tuna cropped

Tuna Salads.

User 7RoastBeefSandwiches said:

“I worked at sandwich shop for awhile and ended up making the tuna salad a lot. When it was made right, it was thick, when it was make wrong it was soupy. *3 cups of mayo per giant can of tuna, along with celery and onions and a secret ingredient.

There was a lot of mayo in it, sure, but what I’m trying to say it at least where I worked it was worth ordering unless some dummy made it.

*it’s been awhile since I was an employee of this particular chain so I may have forgotten exactly how much of whatever was used.”

tuna salad cropped

Vegetarian pizza when you’re a vegan:

User Tweeblethescientist said:

“Work at a pizza place. You a vegan and order a veggie pizza with no cheese? There is animal fat in the sauce as an all natural thickener.”

vegetarian pizza via istock

Wendy’s fries:

Winklestiltskin: “My brother’s girlfriend used to work at Wendy’s and a saying there was (about fries): “They aren’t old until they’re sold.”

hot chips via istock
Delicious hot chips…. are perhaps not so delicious. 


User Roctoknox said:

“I’m a barista. Be wary of “smoothies” served at chain cafés, they are very often a super sugary fruit puree made for margaritas mixed with ice cream. I feel bad when my customers think it’s a healthier option. Also, if you are rude, you will get decaf. Every barista I know does this. But I mean RUDE, like throwing your credit card at us, talking down to us, or making ridiculous demands like your latte at 113 degrees with .74 inches of foam. Yes people really do that.”

Two glasses of blueberry smoothie on blue colored wooden table

So, are you still hungry?



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