Female-Focused Entrepreneurial Community Launched In Africa

Women Who Build Africa (WWBA), an inclusive community that brings together women and non-binary people working in or around the tech space, has launched operations and begun holding events.

Created by Gwera Kiwana, crypto founder in residence at MFS Africa, and Thea Sokolowski, head of marketing at Stitch, WWBA has officially launched with chapters across multiple African markets.

Designed as an inclusive community that brings together women and non-binary people working in or around the tech space, who are often underrepresented, the goal of WWBA is to create an intentional space where members can meet, share what they are building, give and receive feedback, and find mentors, investors, employees, employers and more.

The organisation will be hosting its first multi-city Women in Crypto event in Accra, Ghana and Nairobi, Kenya, on Thursday, September 22, in partnership with Yellow Card and MFS Africa. The event is open to all genders with a simple goal of engaging women in the space.


“The idea for WWBA came out of multiple conversations Gwera and I had over and over with women in our network, many of whom confirmed there really isn’t a space that exists where we can come together to intentionally talk about our experience building in the tech sector. There’s a lot that can be gained from just voicing shared experiences, getting feedback or ideas from other women and potentially meeting someone that’s been in your shoes. We wanted to enable that in a big way. The response so far has shown how big the need for this is,” said WWBA co-founder Thea Sokolowski.

“We’re excited to partner with leading builders in the space – including MFS Africa and Yellow Card for this upcoming event – who share our mission to create more thoughtful experiences for an intentional community of underrepresented members of Africa’s tech sector,” WWBA co-founder Gwera Kiwana added.

Those interested in attending either event can register for free here. So far, WWBA has hosted events in Nairobi and Cape Town, with a growing community across the continent and the Diaspora. Interested parties can sign up for updates here.

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