FG Supports N72 Bn To Boost Nigeria’s Distribution Networks

The Federal Government has endorsed N72 billion to empower Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos) advance up power age. This is gone for addressing the necessities of consumers in the country.

Managing Director of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), Usman Gur Mohammed, unveiled this yesterday at a media gathering in Abuja. He said the absence of stable power was because of the frail conveyance organize.

Usman, who stated that the efficiency of TCN is not visible because the power generated has not been well distributed, said: “80 per cent of electricity consumed in Benin and Togo are coming from Nigeria.”

“There is stable power in the two countries and it cannot be said of us. TCN has built and commissioned substations in the country. The solution to uninterrupted power supply is to invest in the distribution companies.”


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