Find Out Why Nigerian Men And Marriage Do Not See Eye-To-Eye

Nigerian men and marriage do not see eye-to-eye, why? Find out.

When it comes to romance, Nigerian men are known to spin heads. Apart from the regular culture of carrying the financial burden of relationship with women, they do all they can at every opportunity to dazzle their lovers, be it on social-network sites, at offices, churches, gym centers, parks, clubs and so on. But for most of them, it ends there. Women know this which is why most of them have accepted the fact that no matter how romantic Nigerian guys can be, getting them to the altar for marriage could be very difficult. So, lets discuss some factors that pursue Nigerian men away from marriage:

1. No Wife Material

One reason for Nigerian men to remain single is the scarcity of ‘wife-materials’ in Nigeria. In this case, they are complaining about ladies of this generation that lack the basic attributes that will qualify them for the lifetime commitment called marriage. Most of them believe they need lots of time and quality search, to find the right woman to commit to. Now this search might take years, decades, they don’t care.READ ALSO

2. Virginity Is No Longer Precious

Knowing now that they can get sex quite easily than in times past, when virginity for women was the key to marriage, some men now feel lots of women today no longer care when it comes to keeping it sex-free down there, so they can as well just have fun with them. But can the ladies be faulted as “sleeping around.” is not an act than can be carried out without the consent of men? What an excuse.


3. Nigeria Weddings Are Costly

In a country where a guy is supposed to tie the knot with a woman in three different kinds of wedding – Religious, Traditional and Court, the cost of marriage no doubt is something men find very scary. As at 2018, the average Nigeria wedding cost something like N500,000 and the increase of that price is guaranteed in the nearest future. For most people, especially in a tight economy like ours, that’s too much money. But whatever happened to cutting your coat according to your size?

4. In Search Of Employed Ladies

Nowadays, most Nigerian men are in search of a wife capable of taking part of the financial responsibilities of a home from them. The era when men marry ‘full-house-wives’ is no longer pleasing, the increasing cost of living has made most men favor ladies who have a means of livelihood and are willing to share with their man, the cost of running a home.

5 Threatened Freedom

It is a common saying among some men that marriage puts a full-stop to one’s freedom. Single men today are much more arrogant about not carrying someone with a ring along and prefer the life that comes with living on their own. They are weary of marriage because they will become answerable to their wives for every step they take. That is one big challenge some men are not willing to brace themselves up for


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