Flutterwave And HNG Internship Partner To Train 10,000 Interns

The payment solution provider, Flutterwave, has partnered with HNG Internship to train the interns how to integrate payments into any software they build. As at the time of this announcement, the registered interns were about 10,000.

HNG Internship is a platform which teaches interns to code for the real world, through hands-on training, beginning from

According to the Co-Founder, HNG Internship, Mark Essien, this batch is the biggest batch they have gotten since the inception of HNG Internship.

Calling on those who are interested in FinTech, Mr Essien also shared that the best finalists of the interns would have an on-site internship opportunity.

The HNG Internship is of two parts; the HNG Pre-Internship and the HNG Internship proper. The Pre-Internship is for complete beginners who seek to learn the basics of software before the Internship proper. The main Internship offers the best on-hand practice in the world of programming.

Internship programme is a great way to learn, practice, experience and get exposure

HNG Internship has had five successful batches of developers trained and this partnership would boost the confidence of the public in the good work done by HNG Internship, however, Flutterwave is not the only partner supporting the cause.

The Co-Founder also disclosed that they had a “supporting partner for the @hnginternship who has chosen to remain anonymous. He is doing it for the good of the eco-system and to change the lives of people.”

The FinTech sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the tech space in Africa, and better, safer and faster ways to send and receive payments are constantly sought for. Teaching these interns how to build software with secure payments access already within them would provide some seamless transaction possibility for whatever these interns may develop in the future.

Flutterwave has a history of trust in its ability to provide safe, seamless payment transaction and this might just be a great way for the company to give back to the public.


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