Foods That Will Make You Look Younger


foods-that-makes-you-look-younger-934934Are you looking old and wrinkled? Are you looking older than your age? Do you want to look younger than your age? Then this articles is for you, take your time read and digest.

Growing old is inevitable but looking your age is not, slashing years off your aging body starts with eating the right food.

A healthy diet loaded with lean protein and whole grains will help you loose excess fat as you age but allow you retain muscle tone while plenty of antioxidant – rich fruits and veggies will help suave off wrinkles. Your diet directly affects your day-to-day appearance and play a significant role in how well you age. These are some lists of foods and fruits that makes you look younger.

blueberriesBlueberries: Boost your radiance by popping some of these pump little beauties, it supplies Vitamin C and E antioxidants that that work in tandem to brighten skin, even out tone and fights off free-radical damage.

watermelonWatermelon: is loaded with lycopene an antioxidant compound that gives water melon and tomatoes their red colours and helps skin stave off UV damage.

AvocadoAvocado: These rich fruits are high in oleic acid, an omega-9 fatty acids that helps skin retain moisture in the outer layer to keep it soft, plump and supple.

cantaloupe-heroCantaloupe: this sweet melon contains beta carotene or Vitamin A which is believed to regulate the growth of skin cells on the scalp and sebum in the skin’s outer layer. It keeps pores from getting clogged and causing flakes.

Lobster: This is high in zinc, it has anti-inflammatory properties that can help treat several skin diseases, acne included.

Pomegranates: The seeds of this wonder fruit are bursting with antioxidants, like vitamin C, that prevent fine lines, wrinkles and dryness by neutralizing the free radicals that weather skin. Also in the fruit’s arsenal: anthocyanins (which help increase collagen production, giving skin a firmer look) and ellagic acid (a natural chemical that reduces inflammation caused by UV damage).pomegranate(1)

Benefits-of-KaleKale: On the long list of this leafy green’s nutrients are Vitamin K, it promotes healthy blood clotting, (so the blood vessels around the eyes don’t leak) and loads of iron. Insufficient levels of iron in the diet can cause the skin to look pale, making it easier to spot blood vessels under the skin. To maximize out the benefits, eat the veggie cooked, not raw.


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