Football Betting Tips: How to Win While Betting Online

Like any other sport, there are two types of punters in football betting. Some wager for fun and those that carefully analyze the games beforehand to boost their chances of making cash. Whatever your motivation may be, nobody wants to lose money to the bookies. This football betting guide will give you tips on how you can win wagers while betting on games online in sites like Betway.

Football Betting Strategy

Before getting into the essential tips that you need to win while betting on football online, it’s wise only to bet what you can afford to lose. That’s because there’s no guarantee that you’ll make money no matter the strategy you’re using. Several variables are involved in football betting and it’s almost impossible to choose the correct result every time.

5 Smart Football Betting Tips To Help You Win

Keep A Detailed Betting Record

Keeping a record is the simplest football betting tip and a personal favorite. You need to have a clear record of the bets you place and keep track of several things, including”

  • The bets you win and lose
  • The amount of stake you wager on every bet
  • The overall loss or profit from every bet
  • The bookmaker you use for the bets

Remain Impartial and With A Clear Mind

It’s normal for Betway Ghana online betting punters to be fans of different international and local teams. However, you need to avoid betting based on your heart and feelings, since that can make you lose a lot of money. It’s vital to keep your emotions in check and bet based on your analysis and the knowledge you have about the game.


As a football fan, we advise against betting on your favorite team, unless the football records and analysis indicate there’s value in your choice. That’s because mixing your emotions with betting easily clouds your judgment.

Know The Game Inside Out

While football is a simple game to understand, there’s more to the game than just understanding the rules. Before placing a wager, here are some things worth considering about a team and their opponents:

  • The current form of a team’s defense and attack
  • Recent results and how often a team gets lucky
  • Team selections and current injuries

As a punter, you’ll note that it’s the little things that matter. You’ll also want to consider the real stake in a game. That’s because the way teams perform at the beginning of the season is usually different at the end of the season.

Master Your Markets

In bookies like Betway, football betting come with a myriad of markets. That makes it hard to place wagers on all of them since it would take a long time to study them all and have in-depth knowledge. That’s why it’s worth focusing on a few markets and mastering them, though you can continue learning about other markets as you continue betting.

Take The Small Wins

We all know that every little cash you get helps. That’s also true when it comes to betting, so don’t let small wins discourage your endeavor. In fact, that should be an indicator that your betting strategy is working.


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