For Couples Only: 6 ways forgiveness makes you better in your relationship

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It’s common for couples to fight every now and then. What matters is forgiveness which most times is easier said than done.

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 It could be really hard to let things go and forgive your partner when hurtful things have been and vindictive actions have been taken. You find yourself asking what should be done.

It’s okay not to keep things bottled up inside and settle a matter once, which is why forgiveness is important. You become stronger when you take the step to forgiveness, future relationships with this person and anyone else are maintained and made better.

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Here are a few reasons why forgiveness is essential in a relationship:

1. Forgiveness frees you from guilt. You get past the hurt and memories of the past fades away.

2. You are in control of your life when you forgive. You live better when you forgive.

3. As difficult as forgiving someone can be, it’s the only you can find inner peace. Even if the relationship doesn’t work, you don’t become bitter. You’ll realise that you’re better in your next relationship.

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4. If your relationship ended on a bad note, forgiveness would help you move on faster which is really important to your well being. You can’t move on if haven’t forgiven the one who hurt you.

5. You give gossip mongers something to talk about when you keep playing the victim, ranting to anyone who cares to listen to you.



6. Holding a grudge means you are insecure. You close your heart to everyone and become resentful


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