#ForLadies: Men Need More Than Your Looks, See The 7 Qualities They Look Out For

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Some girls do not have anything else to offer apart from looking sexy. Argue all you want, but this is the truth. Most ladies spend all their time and resources on their appearance, just to look sexy -forgetting that He is not going to be horny forever.

There are times when he would only need a real woman to share his worries with and your miniskirts and long lashes would not bring anything to that table. There would be days when he would need your managerial qualities, but you are only used to living lavish. Slay mama!

Don’t spend all your days making-up, doing nails and turning up anywhere a DJ takes his speakers to. Build yourself. Learn and practice things that can add values to your life. Being beautiful or sexy doesn’t prevent you from still being dumb at the end of the day.

The following qualities are what men look out for in a lady, that turns him up:
1. A humble lady with a great charisma and character
2. A great cook
3. A beautiful lady with a beautiful heart
4. A lady that gives and have compassion on others
5. An intelligent and smart lady
6. A lady with purpose, who knows what she wants and takes steps to achieve them.
7. A lady who have great skills and want to improve on herself everyday.

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