8 Disgusting Habits Displayed By Nigerians When They Return From Abroad

Some Nigerians, when they return from abroad often display some nasty and childish habits when they return home, and these silly and childish attitudes are enlisted below;

1. Unnecessary use of foreign accent to intimidate local people:

When some Nigerians living abroad return home, they begin to use these foreign accents to create unwanted scenes. They do this to show people that they are not of the same class. A times when you tell them, you can’t understand their statement, they will say “Are u deaf”? The ones that annoy me most are those based in Cotonou, Ghana, Uganda, China forming British accent. Honestly these ones need serious psychiatric evaluation.

2. High level of pride:

Living abroad is not a guarantee that one will be richer than Dangote or Mike Adenuga so why the over-bloated ego? Some will even make it look like they’re doing you a favour talking to you. This is common with the ladies.

3. Unnecessary show off:

I know of some Nigerians who have lived their whole life abroad and are still able to be casual. But for some, they will wear socks and jacket under the intense sun and will be screaming to people’s hearing that they regret coming to Nigeria.

4. They condemn our local dish:

When a friend of mine returned from Canada, he told me to take him to a restaurant because he went hungry and I was elated he still has passion for our local dish. I took him to one fascinating local restaurant at Ibadan. When they served us pounded yam/egusi soup complimented with all sorts of assorted bush meats. Instead of eating the meal, he walked out from the restaurant telling me he couldn’t eat that sh*t . Honestly, I was embarrassed by his comment.

5. They demand for undue respect:

Some of them are so proud that they will give you this proud look because they feel you want to beg pounds or dollars from them. I really don’t blame them, after all it is what they experience often when they visit home as friends, family and even enemies want to benefit from their pocket.

6. Hotel becomes their home:

I know most of them prefer lodging in a hotel because they are scared of mosquito bite, non availability of light and other negative factors in their parents’ house. Though I wouldn’t call this a silly act but I feel staying in your parents’ house especially when located in the village will attract more parental blessing.

7. They neglect their old friends:

This is common to some abroad based Nigerians. They tend to ignore the friends they left in Nigeria because they feel they have climbed the ladder of greatness. Last year, a very good friend of mine arrived from the UK and what surprised me most was that he refused to come to my house after a week of arrival. I used my church mind to go to his place and he started acting like I came to beg for money. This silly attitude of common with some of them.

8. They condemn our culture and values:

It’s a pity that some Nigerians are so engrossed with the westerner culture that they view African culture as being fetish and archaic when they returned home. For them to prostrate for elders and even their parents is like displaying stupidity act. This is nothing but outright nonsense.

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