France-based Nigerien Author Wants to Offer “The Missing Words” to S*x

Camille Aumont Carnel, a champion of positive s**uality for her million social media followers and an ambitious maker of the French language, provides a raw vocabulary of “Words of Q” in her second book, published Thursday.

With this book, published by Editions Le Robert, the 26-year-old young woman chose to “work with the institutional” in her war against what she calls “the linguistic violence” of French, she told AFP.

“It starts with ‘the masculine prevails over the feminine’ when we are six years old and, from there, a whole bunch of other violence is born,” she argues.

The “fourth wave of feminism” activist then engages in language work to decipher “problematic expressions” and offer “the missing words” to de-dramatize the relationship to s**uality.

Rather than having “nothing to give a damn”, Camille Aumont Carnel suggests having “nothing to give a damn”. She speaks of “l b*do desert”, of “surprise gaul”, and denounces expressions like “losing one’s virginity”, which she considers patriarchal.

“Of the hundred expressions that I propose, if there are two that remain and which begin to exist in society, it is already a bet that has been successful,” considers the one who describes herself as “an opinion leader who has influence.



Her Instagram page @jemenbatsleclito, started five years ago from a “visceral impulse” to shake up mentalities, serves as both a diary and an outlet for questions about s**uality. She is now followed by nearly 678,000 subscribers.

Via posts liked tens of thousands of times, Camille Aumont Carnel shares her private life with humor and straightforwardness: “I looked at myself in a mirror during an orgasm, even the wall exploded with laughter” or even “Freedom, Equality, Charged vibrator.”

“+I’m down with my clit+, it’s a war cry that means: I too exist,” she defines. “In a society in which everything is a relationship of force and domination, we must impose.”

– “Feminist icon” –

The former apprentice chef, a graduate of the elite Ferrandi School of Gastronomy, also utilizes her position to condemn misogyny in the kitchen.

Another of her Instagram accounts, @jedisnonchef, communicates to tens of thousands of people the stories of victims of an environment that, according to her, “allows a lot of space for violence, harassment, and s**ual abuse.”

According to Forbes magazine, she is a contemporary “feminist icon” whose digital success story has propelled her to the 2022 ranking of the 30 most important individuals under 30 in France.

No surprise for Camille Aumont Carnel, who has been told since a very young age: “whatever you do, you will be a hit”.

“I was given undeniable, almost indestructible self-confidence,” says the young woman in a tribute to her parents, a Franco-Lebanese couple who adopted her in Niger when she was two months old.

The young woman’s success may be observed in her media presence and a schedule punctuated by her frantic lifestyle. “I sleep four hours a night,” laughs the person who has suffered from insomnia since childhood.

Camille Aumont Carnel will not stop taking up space after four successful Instagram accounts, multimedia productions, and two books (including #Adosexo, a s*x education manual for adolescents published by Albin Michel).

She plans to write “a book every year and a half” in the future and already has two titles in mind. Simultaneously, she intends to perform on stage and write a series.

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