Glo Introduces Another Data Overload Plan

Globacom has reconfirmed its status as the leaders of data in Nigeria with a new unprecedented data regime.

In the new regime tagged Data Overload, Glo subscribers would now receive up to double the data volume previously enjoyed on every plan.

The new data overload plans include:

N1,000 data plan who hitherto enjoyed 1.5GB will now have 2GB,

10GB of data goes with the N2,500 plan instead of 5GB.

12GB goes for N3,000 instead of the previous arrangement where N3000 could only get 6GB.


For the N4,000 data plan, the subscriber will now get 18GB instead of the old 9GB, while the N5,000 subscription will give the customer 24GB. The bundle for N5,000 was previously 12GB.

To buy, just dial *777#

The biggest offer available is the N8,000 subscription which, instead of the old 24GB, now gives the customer a sumptuous 48GB of DATA.

The new Data Overload is widely adjudged the most attractive in the market by observers, as no operator offers anything near it.

Globacom said in a statement released in Lagos that the new Data Overload was designed to promote upward migration from lower plans and excite Nigerians.

“As the data leader in the industry, we have decided to give our esteemed subscribers the most affordable data value on our super fast network powered by the Glo 1 submarine cable. We also wish to enrich their communication experience through unbelievable data bundles at best-in-class prices,” Globacom added.

Source: THISDay


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