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‘My Goal Is To Make Timeless Music’- Adekunle Gold

Adekunle Gold is in his 79th element as he covers Vibe Magazine‘s August 2017 issue and in the edition he talks about his journey before he became famous, his relationship, dreams and his conversion to Christianity.

On altering texts and images for the fun of it:

‘It started out as fun, you know. One Saturday morning, I was in my house and I saw one particular photo of Tiwa Savage. I thought, I would love to take a picture with this lady, ‘cause I really love Tiwa Savage. Then I thought, you know, I can.

‘So I told my friend to take my picture. He thought I was crazy. And I did as if I was holding her from behind and then I did the photoshop and people really liked it.

‘I was struggling for people to hear my music so I thought, if I can be popular for this one, I might as well. It might find its way to the people I really want to work with as a musician.

‘I went on to do pictures with Toolz and Tontoh Dikeh and it became a sensation. They started saying King of Photoshop. So, when I released a song, they didn’t take me seriously at first. This Photoshop guy, what can he sing?’

On adjusting his music style to fit in:

‘If I’m being honest, sometimes you think you want to reach more people or be like people whose names are everywhere. But it is good to not forget why you are in this business.

‘I said it before, my goal is not to make disposable music, it’s to make timeless music. I can write anything but is it what I’m comfortable to do? Is it what will last me a decade or a century, when I’m no more? So when I think about that, I just make music the way it comes to me.’

On converting to christianity:

‘Girl. My life has been about girls. Everything girl! It was 2004, I went to see a friend and she said they were having a midweek service. I said, why not? Is it not to go and get the girl? But then, I found Jesus. You get the greater God then you now get the girl. Interesting story right?’

On his rumoured relationship with Simi:

‘I thought I said this already. I wrote Orente about Simisola, it’s not even news again. But it’s for you as well.’ Simi who is his age-long rumoured lover, mixed the entire project save for Sade, and made an appearance in ‘No Forget’ – a song he claims gave him the toughest time on the project.

According to him, it was important that it turned out well even if it meant re-writing it two more times and convincing both producers and even his guest artiste to believe in it.

‘This was one of the songs that gave me sleepless nights thinking about it because it was me and Simi. I thought people have been talking about this collaboration for the longest, will it bang?’


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