How To Grow An Endless Supply Of Ginger Indoors

This very beneficial spice can be grown in your home and I mean indoors.

You no longer need to go out to your local store to buy this herb that is useful as an ingredient in your meals and also for its medicinal value.

Ginger is essential a tropical spice so when winter approaches it would be better if it is indoors. It takes 10 months for ginger to fully develop.

This Is How To Grow Ginger

You can go online to buy hood quality ginger seed it make use if garden centers and seed catalogues. Buying ginger seed from your local store may not be good as they may have been treated with sprout inhibitors. When you buy your ginger seed leave it in a bowl of water overnight in order to get the pesticides off.

Here Are Tips On How To Grow Your Ginger Indoors

  • Get a root which is seemingly supple.
  • The skin will be tight, it will sprout.
  • You should cut the sprout off and plant this in a wide and shallow flower pot, because ginger tends to grow in a horizontal manner.

Here are tips for growing ginger indoors:

  • First of all have your ginger soaked in lukewarm water all night as mentioned before, to get rid of pesticides.
  • Make use of soil that is full of nutrients and one that is drainable.
  • Fill your pot with this soil.
  • Put the ginger root in this soil and let the bud stick out.
  • You should cover the ginger root with 2 inches of your good soil and proceed to water it.
  • Make sure the pot is placed in a warm site with a bit of shade.
  • Keep the soil dampness using a spray bottle of water.
  • In 2 weeks you will notice the first sprout.

How To Harvest It

  • You can harvest your ginger in just 3 to 4 months.
  • By this time you can harvest the first sprout.
  • Your ginger plant will continuously grow and sprout, so you can harvest every time it sprouts.

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