Are You Guilty Of These Too? See 7 Funny Reasons Why Nigerian Youths Do Not Go to Church

It is no longer news that Nigerian youths of these hardly go to church preferring rather to go clubbing. These are some reasons why they do that.

Let’s see some 7 reasons why Nigerian youths do not go to church below:
1. They Believe Church Is Boring
Since it’s nothing like a party where ‘Lil Kesh’ would keep screaming a sinful phrase into their hearings, they don’t like it. They don’t fancy those left and right shifting dance steps vis-à-vis clapping in two’s at intervals. But let it be known that churches were never meant for entertainments. Maybe now that churches are singing ‘Godwin’, they might consider that.
2. They Believe The Church Is A Waste Of Time 
The thing is, every one knows the message, “Jesus brings salvation”, “Jesus Is coming soon” etc. So why bother going to church to hear some repetitions of old sayings? This is also one of the reason why youths stay back from church, to them, they know the message the church is relaying.
3. They Don’t Have Clothes
The church was never meant to be fashion runway. They just do not understand this. They are always hell-bent on looking fly to church, to impress who? Maybe that Lady smiling at the microphone as she leads the choir sing. So, as long as there is no new designer dress, no church.
4. They Believe The Church Wants Their Money 
A couple of Naira that will go a long way in sorting Bread and Beans at that local restaurant is too big for them to drop for God. They believe they will save some cash by staying back home instead of going to church. Even though there are truly some churches that talk more about offering and tithe than the kingdom of God, it is well.
5. They Believe Life Is Better Without Religion 
This is an assertion but with that perspective, they tend to neglect church since its the “pillar” of religion. Going by the norms and commandments of the church by being a Christian are hectic for others. Some of them don’t care much about religion but a better relationship with God.
6. They Believe They Don’t Have Time 
They believe some hours they will spend in church is better spent on cramming some aspects of that 201 course. Or probably spent tweeting and gathering twitter followers, or better still, to wash clothes, which is what they mostly do.
7. They Believe Worldly Engagements Are Sweeter 
As long as there is power supply in the hood, larger percentage of the youths will shun church, you will hear sayings like “Devil already won today’s battle, but the war isn’t over yet”. Especially if the Super Eagles have a Match on that day, the church will be unconsciously scanty.

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