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Guiness At 66: How To Build A Business That Last


Guinness Nigeria has officially marked 66 and they couldn’t have done it without applying and implementing key components. Building a business is definitely a sometimes steep and long climb upwards, but with the right ingredients and resilience, you like many other successful businesses can reach the view at the top. Every business can learn a thing or two from Guinness about how to build a business that lasts.

1.Giving Back to the Community

Corporate Social Responsibility has become necessary in most large organisations, so it’s a great idea to get well acquainted with the idea of giving back to the community as early as possible. It seems fair that an organisation that is thriving off of the resources of a community would give back to that same community in one form or another. Find a problem within your immediate environment that you feel your organisation could help with or support an on-going initiative being carried out by another organisation. It speaks well of your business and also becomes makes you one more people would like to have long-term affiliations with. Guinness did an excellent job with this through initiatives such as Guinness Eye Centres and Water of Life.

2. Staying Relevant

This present digital age is one that is fast-paced and ever changing, meaning businesses have a lot of keeping up to do. Regularly updating your products, services and technology are key factors that can determine the long term success or failure of your business. Continuous innovation is key in building a business that will last.

3. Client Satisfaction

The client always comes first as the saying goes. Embracing this rule is one of the reasons many businesses have managed to last for decades. No business can thrive without happy customers, so ensuring strategies are put in place to keep them happy is imperative to the sustainability of any business. Regular surveys and customer feedback forms or calls are a great way to ensure you’re on the right track. After all , a happy customer is a happy business.

4. Strong Management Team

At the incipient stages of an organisation, hands tend to be short meaning very few people carry out innumerable tasks. As the company grows, it becomes impossible for one or two people to manage everything. In order to curb slow growth, time and resources should be infused into creating an excellent management team who are passionate about the brand and its development. Also bare in mind that every employee plays a vital role in the growth of your business, so hiring the right staff across every department is key.

Running an organisation can never be any easy task, but with the right team and the mentioned pointers, your business could be around for many years to come. Happy 66th anniversary to Guinness and well done to all of the employees that brought the brand to where it is today.


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