GUYS ONLY: These Are 5 Types Of Women Who Mad Men In Bed!!

Men love s*x. It’s known. Indeed, they can spend millions to have a woman’s favors. They go so far as to offer cars, houses nothing for a part of legs in the air. In fact, it is not women who are easy, but it is the men who love the facility. They do not have time to lose and to get to their ends they are ready for anything. But what they like is the women who insure in bed, they are looking for satisfaction of their fantasies. According to a study here is what men love.

1- Men want an active woman.

They want a woman who does not just lie on the bed waiting for her partner to finish enjoying her. This woman must know how to take things in hand and have an erotic sense to excite her man.

2- Their darling must know how to share pleasure.

Every man wants to communicate with his darling. He wants pleasure to be shared. Starting from this principle, for men a good blow is a woman who seeks to make them happy and makes them want to do the same. Some men go so far as to say “the best of blows, it is when there is a form of unexpected, that nothing is calculated.”

3- A woman who is not ashamed of her body,

Men want a woman who can play. Of her charms. A woman who is not cold and ready to do anything to get what she wants.

4- For other men the age of the woman counts.

An older woman is always better than a young woman who has had very little experience. Others say that a woman is like good wine. She can become a good shot if she assumes her body and she is not afraid to try new experiences.

5- A woman who knows how to take the initiative.

A woman who would be able to make love everywhere even in a public place. Some men say they would like to have a wise and calm wife outside the house, but that she is a rascal in bed.


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