Health Tips: Common Causes Of Constipation

While having constipation, stool remains in the colon longer than required leading to uneasiness and agony in discharging the waste. Some foods, ways of living and supplements cause it. Here are some common causes of constipation:

1. ‘Abusing’ Painkillers

Constant use (abuse) of drugs like Ibruprofen and aspirin studies reveal can cause constipation because of the nature of the drugs; the receptors are usually in the digestive tract which disrupts the system/that area leaving the user constantly constipated.

2. Not taking enough moisture/water

Water is important for smooth functioning of the guts and the whole digestive system. Water apart from flushing toxins ensures the body maintains the needed amount of moisture to function well via the systems especially digestive. So it’s important to take enough water on a daily basis.

 3. Overusing laxative

A lot of people have abused the use of laxative which can become counteractive over time. The continuous use of laxative makes the system dependent on this making it unable- over time- to purge itself of the waste.

4. Fast/fatty food and dairy

Taking a lot of dairy food and fatty ones can cause constipation. Foods low in fibre and fatty are known to slow down digestion resulting in constipation.

5. Lack of exercise

Exercising not only helps with fitness, it does with the body’s entire system. Lack of exercise or staying inactive few studies reveal cause constipation.


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