HEALTH Tips: Some Of The Top 10 Best Anti-Cancer Foods


According to research, one third of all American cancer deaths might be diet related. What is best to eat then? The answer is to avoid food that stimulates cancer and cleave to healthy food.

Some of the best anti-cancer foods are listed below:

1. Cabbage family
Broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage have a component called indole-3 carbinol that helps in combating breast cancer by converting cancer promoting estrogen into some other useful substance. Broccoli also has a chemical called sulforaphane that aids in eliminating free radicals. This prevents colon and rectal cancers. These vegetables can become a tasty ingredient of your salads, sandwiches and soups.

2. Tomatoes
Tomatoes are rich in red color pigment called lycopene that fight against the free radicals in body. These radicals tend to trigger cancerous cell development. Vitamin C present in it prevents cellular damage that also promotes cancer. It mainly reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

3. Red grapes
Red grapes or grape juice are very beneficial to prevent cancer. Grapes contain bioflavinoids that fight against cancer. It also is a source of resveratrol and ellagic acid that inhibits the secretion of enzymes that promotes cell and tumor growth.

4. Green tea
Green tea is a rich source of antioxidants, polyphenols. This slows down the process of cancerous cell division. It is beneficial for reducing the risk of cancer of stomach, colon, rectum, lungs, liver and pancreas.

5. Green vegetables
Leafy green vegetables like lettuce, spinach, kale are rich in fibers, folate and carotenoids. They block the radicals from converting into cancerous cells in tissues.These nutrients prevents cancer of skin, mouth, larynx and pancreas.

6. Seeds and nuts
Flax is rich in lignans that blocks cancerous changes in body. Nuts contain certain antioxidants like quercetin and campferol that suppress the growth of cancers.

7. Soy products
Tofu and soy milk are examples of the soy products. These products contain phytoestrogens that blocks or reduces cancerous changes in body. This highly lowers the risk of prostate and breast cancer. Isoflavones and genistein inhibits the spread of cancerous cell in the body.

8. Avocadoes
Avocadoes fruits are rich in antioxidants called glutathione. They attack free radicals and prevent pre-cancerous cell growth. Research has shown that they are highly useful against viral hepatitis which is a potent cause of liver cancer.

9. Limit alcohol intake
Alcohol use has been linked to increase in the risk of certain cancers like mouth, throat, larynx, rectum, colon, liver and breast cancer in women. Chronic and binge alcohol use can damage the liver, leading to inflammation of liver tissues. This, in turn, may raise the risk of liver cancer. Consumption of even few drinks per week also increases the risk of breast cancer in women, especially when they do not take enough folate in their diet.

10. Drink enough water
Water is the most essential thing. It protects us from cancer too by diluting the cancer causing agents in the bladder.

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