Here Are 3 Things To Consider Before Buying A Card Holder Wallet

ardholders are essential accessories for everyone, both men and women. These accessories are quite handy in protecting valuable items like money, business cards and your personal information and they could make a great gift for family, co-workers, and friends.

However, card holders need to look attractive and appealing now that they hold your items of great importance. Some cards like Kinzd card holders are customized to the individual needs giving you a sense of belonging and purpose whenever you pull your cards out of them. Learn more about three things to consider before buying your card holder wallet in the subsequent paragraphs.

Quality of your card holder wallet

When looking for a perfect card holder wallet, you should consider the quality of the materials used in its design. Some of the card holders are made from metallic materials while others are made of leather.

Leather is a natural material that smells and looks nice while symbolizing comfort and style. Faux leather is the best choice of materials used in making durable and stylish card holders. These materials are made from fabric blended with rubber or plastic to give it a look of real leather. That’s why faux leather looks cheaper and it is not long lasting as opposed to what other customers might think. Therefore, you need to consider focusing on real leather if you want a durable and fashionable top quality card holder wallet.

Card holders made from real leather are usually crafted from Saffiano leather materials for its elegance and durability. Saffiano is an Italian leather material that has come along way as a premium material thanks to its stylish look, flexibility and resistance to scratches and water.

Look for a suitable card holder

There are hundreds of thousands of card holders out there on the market but finding the one that is suitable for you should be your primary concern. A good card holder wallet is one with a good distribution in terms of space as well as being minimalistic in its design for easy management of your cards. Apart from that, you need to look out for dark or light brown but natural-looking card holder to match your shoes and belt.

When it comes to softness, durability, and fine graining, card holders made from Calfskin leather should be your first choice. In fact, Calfskin is desirable leather used in making of card holder wallets used by both men and women. This material is popular due to its ability to be dyed in a wide range of colors. Additionally, its surface is perfect for engraving your personal message. That is why Calfskin has remained the material of choice for a variety of items including cardholders. When you have a nice looking card holder, you will have a sense of pride within yourself knowing that you can organize your private or business cards without having to struggle.

The price of your card holder wallet

The price of a card holder is determined mainly by the material it is made from. For instance, Card Holders made from Saffiano leather material are costly for obvious reasons. Besides they are stylish and durable leather, accessories that are designed by high-end fashion designers like Prada. Just by the mention of that fashion house, you should know that you are looking into items whose price tag is determined by their luxury.

At Collet Studios, card holders are created skillfully with quality being the key factor that determines their cost. In fact, their accessories come in different styles and colors that will enhance your mood and add some glamor on several occasions. These card holders are always handmade (in Italy) using Saffiano calfskin leather. In their design, the card holders feature a gold logo that is embossed on its surface, two card slots at the back side and at the front with one main compartment located in the middle part for notes. Certainly, these card holders are quite handy in ensuring that your smart cards and other items are organized and kept safely where you can retrieve them easily.

Final Thought

Buying your card holder wallet should not be a problem anymore now that you are fully aware of the three most important things to look for. These include the quality, design and price. Once you have the three factors at your fingertips, you can easily decide which card holder is suitable for you.


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