Here Are 6 Poorest States In Nigeria

Nigeria is made up of thirty-six (36) states blessed with lots of mineral resources. These states are meant to be productive based on their available resources, and have an honest government capable of managing these resources to generate its revenue.

But the reverse is the case as some states are down to 70 percent. However, these poor states became poor due to mismanagement of mineral resources, Climate conditions of the state or security challenges as the case may be.

Here are the list of the poorest states in the country:

  • SOKOTO STATE:   Sokoto state is ranked the poorest state in Nigeria with 81.2% on poverty level. Due to its harsh climate conditions, it has prevented foreigners and foreign Investors to come invest in the state.
  • KATSINA STATE:    Katsina is listed among the poorest state in the country considering its fewer or no solid investment or sector that generate revenue for the state.
  • ADAMAWA STATE: Its economy has crippled due to the frequent attack from Boko Haram terrorists, as a result of citizens running away from the state because of safety. Adamawa state is ranked on 73.2% poverty level.
  • GOMBE STATE: Gombe state is also facing its own peril in security with crippled economy to a 73.2% poverty level.
  • JIGAWA STATE: A state basically populated by fulani/Hausa tribe, with poverty level of 72.1% due to its literacy level and low economic growth.
  • PLATEAU STATE: One of the highest populated state in the country with some attractive tourist attractions. It has suffered a long timely tribal conflict and has destroyed its economy by 71%.


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