Here Are 7 Ways To Relate With People With Disabilities

Have you ever looked down on a disabled person? Treated them with hate and disgust? If yes, then you are wrong.

Being disabled isn’t an end to a good living.

Disabled persons are not outcasts neither are they, aliens.

Here are tips on how to interact with people who have disabilities

1Give a helping hand: Beckoning for help only comes up when a person is unable to do it individually. Maybe next time you might want to help a blind cross the road. By sole doing this, you have succeeded in impacting a life.

2. Respect them: Someone who has a disability should be afforded the same amount of respect as anyone else. View others as people, not impairments. Focus on the person at hand and her individual personality. If you must put a “label” on the disability, it’s best to ask what terminology she prefers and stick with the terms she chooses. In general, you should follow the “golden rule”: treat others as you would like to be treated

3Speak directly to the person: It’s frustrating for someone with a disability to have to deal with people never talking directly to her if she has an assistant or a translator present. Equally, talk to a person in a wheelchair, rather than the person standing next to them. Their body may not be working fully, but it doesn’t mean their brains aren’t!

4Don’t be afraid of asking about a person’s disability: It may not be appropriate to ask about someone’s disability out of curiosity, but if you feel this might help you make a situation easier for him or her, it is appropriate to ask questions.

5. Right of way: Always ensure to aid disabled persons walk through the city without having to scamper for protection.

6. Message of Hope: Each time you come across a disabled, always remember to encourage them. Ginger them. Counsel them on the need never to lose hope but launch into the deep and be successful.

7Offer genuine assistance: Some people are hesitant to offer to help someone with a disability for fear of offending her. Indeed, if you are offering help because of an assumption that someone cannot do something herself, your offer could be offensive. However, very few people would be offended by a genuine, specific offer of assistance.


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