Here Are Four Ways To Conquer Boredom At Work

Even if you really enjoy your job, it’s still possible to battle boredom as you work your way toward the boardroom. You may not be able to make big changes — or change your job — but you can make small adjustments to your routine that can make every day seem, well, a little less routine.

Switch Your Seat

Change your outlook at the office by changing your office — literally. Ask your supervisor to help you find a new desk, office or cube to call home. Even switching desks with a neighboring coworker can offer a fresh perspective.

If it’s not possible to change your location, see if you can change how your desk is oriented. A new perspective can be just as refreshing as a new location.

Change Your Commute

Start and end your day in a different way by making changes to your commute. Consider a new mode of transportation, if it’s possible. Take a subway. Ride a bike on sunny days. Carpool with a coworker. Use a new route to get to your job. You needn’t change your commute permanently — just long enough to help you escape the doldrums.

Find a New Way to Work

Shake things up at the office by changing how things get done.

Sick of attending that long-standing Monday morning meeting? Try to rally your boss to change it to the afternoon.

If you find yourself feeling most bored in the afternoons, try to arrange to do your favorite tasks then and tackle less-desirable projects in the mornings.

If you usually communicate with coworkers via email and instant messaging, start dealing with people face to face. Increased interaction with coworkers may help improve your mood.

Get and Set a Goal

If you’re not working toward something, it’s no wonder that work has become boring. Identify a goal and set an “achieve by” date for it.

Your goal needn’t be lofty as long as you have sufficient enthusiasm for it. Perhaps you want to tackle a new project. Maybe you’d like to pursue a promotion. Or you may even set a goal of finding a new job altogether. Whatever it is, actively moving toward an objective will make work much more interesting


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