Here Are Six Logical Signs That Your Man Is Not Interested In You

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As a woman in a budding relationship, knowing when your man is well into you might not be such a difficult thing.
He would often blurt out to his friends how amazing his girl is and would possibly not spare an opportunity to spoil you. He would always want to visit or put a call across to you even for the silliest reasons.
However, knowing when he’s not interested might not be as easy since most men have a penchant for being reserved; covert; and sometimes unreadable, especially when it comes to relationships.
Here are six signs that your man is not really interested in you.

He avoids intimacy and physical contact
Avoiding intimate discussions and physical contact are common ways of showing non-commitment by men.
If you’re always the one doing all the talking during discussions and he often gives indifferent affirmations, the ‘hmms and ahs’, then watch out. Perhaps he’s not really digging you.

He’s not inquisitive about you
When your man incessantly bombs you with questions about your personal life, it’s a sign he’s interested in you and wants to know more about you.
When it’s the other way around, when your hubby only talks about himself with very little or no interest in what’s going on with you, then maybe he’s not so interested in you after all.
He’s not making advances
Here’s another sign he’s not interested in you–when he’s not making advances, he’s not asking you out on dates or to have one-on-one moments.
When a man is truly interested in the lady in any relationship, he would latch onto her and ache to have personal moments with her as often as he can to keep the relationship on track.
But when that isn’t the case for you, when the relationship is progressing in a juiceless manner, then there are chances you are ‘walking alone’.
Ignoring signals
A popular non-verbal behaviour that is communicative of disinterest among the male folks in any budding or potential relationship is the failure to reciprocate clear signals from their female folks.
A man’s body language readily tells if he’s into you but in cases where these non-verbal signals are coming from only you, and your hubby fails to reciprocate them, then it’s safe to assume he’s not interested in you after all.
He avoids one-on-one moments
Your man is probably not interested in you if he is in the habit of evading personal moments with you.
Perhaps he tells you he has an urgent family issue to rectify or suddenly receives emergency calls when faced with an alone time with you.

More obvious is when you have a feeling he’s seeking the company of his friends just to prevent you from having personal moments with him.
He’s too busy for you
Men in any meaningful relationship have a penchant for being ‘crazy’ about their partners that they would go an extra mile to make time for their girl even amid busy schedules.
In cases when they are genuinely busy, they would always put obviously needless calls to their lovers over any slightest reason, just to keep in touch.
However, when your man is often too busy to keep up with you or is in the habit of being out of contact for days, then he’s obviously not interested in you or any romantic relationship you have to offer.


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