Here Are Some Businesses You Can Start In The Rainy Season

In Nigeria, the rainy season typically starts from March and ends between October and November. Rain in Nigeria also depends on the State. The duration of rain also differs from region to region. The rainy season also signifies planting season even though some people plant during the dry season using the irrigation system. But, this only applies to places in the Southern Regions as the Northern region of the country only have one planting season which is the Rainy Season.

This period of the year has therefore created great business opportunities for People and so a calculative and intelligent person can quickly pick one or more for seasonal cash if they don’t want to make it a full-time job.

Currently, we’re in the Rainy Season and I’ll be discussing with us 5 Great businesses one can do during this beautiful season.

1. Umbrella, Raincoat and Boot sales

We all know that people would still walk inside a burning sun than walk in the drizzling rain. No one wants to be wet, yet we’re always on the move. It is typical of my Country people to always be on the move. This makes the demand for umbrellas to skyrocket in the rainy season. As an entrepreneur, you can start selling umbrellas for profit.

You can get the product from renowned manufacturers while you just focus on marketing them. To further take advantage of the market, you can stock and sell kiddies and teen umbrellas. If you are quite talented and creative, you can also customize them for schools or organisations and encourage them to use as souvenirs during their end of the session party as this is also the time of the year

Deal in fancy, colourful and thick umbrellas. Remember that fake products will soil your image as an entrepreneur, make sure you sell original and make massive sales that’ll yield to desired profit.

Raincoats are essential things to have during the raining season. People wear them over their office wears and remove them when they get to the office. Get them from a reliable source, deal in original and thick raincoats and see how far you’ll go.

Rubber Boots also comes handy especially for company workers, field workers, and even students. Selling boots during the raining season will give you an edge and also provide you with cool cash.

2. Car Wash Business

Car Wash Business is a very lucrative business anywhere in the world. It’s an all year round Business too but you will sell more in the Rainy Season. You know why? Almost all feeder roads in the country are either bad or badly maintained. So, make use of this season to start one, preferably a mobile Car Wash. It’s a smart way of making cool cash without much capital and risk.

You can just get some basic equipment and Position yourself in an area where vehicles ply frequently. You can even use the traffic to your advantage. You can also knock on people’s door requesting if they’ll need their car or cars to be washed.

With cars easily getting dirty in the rains due to the many muddy potholes on Nigerian roads, your services would be easily accepted. You can target busy executives who have no time to wash their cars every morning and arrive early enough to do it for them before they go to work.

3. Plant and sell vegetables

Vegetables can be planted anywhere and anyhow during Rainy Season unlike the dry season when you’ll need irrigation and that’s so stressful and time-consuming too.

With the abundance of rain, what better business is there to start than growing vegetables?
Vegetables tend to grow quickly during the raining season, so you can make good profits from selling your varieties of vegetables within the duration of the season. Some varieties of vegetables grow every other three days after the first harvest.

Locate your market and your customers. If you grow them in abundance, you might as well target wholesalers and retailers and sell straight from your farm.

4. Sell Bean Cakes (Akara)

A hot Bean Cake can never go wrong especially during the Rainy Season. Bean Cake is a household staple in Nigeria and it goes well with anything; from hot pap to hot tea to oats to custard, from bread to fried yam and even fried potatoes and even Gàrrí.

Venturing into this business is a profitable one and It requires less capital and investment too.
You can just locate a space in front of your house or a suitable position in your junction, get a Medium-sized frying pan, a long spoon, a bowl, a tray, a chair and you’re good to go.

Also, make sure you learn how to make a good and fluffy Bean Cake before starting one. It takes expertise and experience but you can learn in a short while and be good at it.

You can also add bread, beverages to it as a side attraction to your Bean Cake Business.

5. Maize Farming and Sales

Maize is a crop that gives most people life in Nigeria and other parts of the world. The smell of fresh corn makes one realises that it’s the Rainy Season indeed. It is one crop that can be planted with the first rain in Nigeria. It’s a popular grain consumed by both young and old too as the queen of cereals that it is.

Maize gives an almost 100% yield when planted on good soil with adequate monitoring and effective weeding.

You can start a corn plantation utilizing modern technology and quality seeds. After harvesting, you can prepare your crops for sale to wholesalers or retailers. You can even sell on the farm without going through the stress and spending on harvesting.

Lastly, You can as well harvest, process and sell them locally or even export them to neighboring countries.


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