Here Are The 3 Signs He’s Going To Propose Soon

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Every other day, a couple somewhere gets engaged and for ladies ready to settle down, seeing people close to you get married can increase the pressure to do same.

A huge part of that pressure is wondering when your man will pop the big question.

What makes the wait for proposals harder is that a good number of men take a long time figuring out whether they want to settle down and with whom they want.

But be rest assured, there are signs that will show you that your man is about to propose.

He starts to get close to your parents

Save for the Yoruba Demons (playboys) who are fond of playing this card, most men who are inching towards proposing will start by getting close to members of your family, especially your parents.

If he begins to get close to your parents, especially your dad, he is probably establishing a rapport and one day, soon enough, he may ask for your hand in marriage.

Also, a good sign is that he may begin to attend family functions more often.

He becomes more frugal

If your man becomes more frugal with his expenses, there’s a fair chance he might be thinking of settling down soon.

This is because he is thinking of a future and the responsibilities that come with being a husband and father.

He initiates discussions about marriage

Often times, when a man is ready to propose, he’ll continue to bring up conscious conversations about marriage with you.

These may be as serious as a lengthened conversation about spending eternity together or even light comments about the type of house he envisions for the both of you, numbers of kids, etc.

Chances are your man consciously registers your opinions about the future you want and weighs them with his to be sure whether or not to pop the question.

Note: It is possible that a man who doesn’t exhibit any of the above-mentioned steps may be ready to propose.

Humans are different and so are their reasons for doing things they way they do.

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