Here Are The Dos & Don’ts When You Are Dealing With Grief

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These are what to do when dealing with grief:

What to do when grieving

Be close to loved ones: I’ve gotten many people writing to me. some offering prayers, some, words of consolation and I think the most endearing messages have been people that have actually met him, telling me about how cool and awesome he was. For two weeks, I haven’t been able to stay alone, a lot of my friends have come to stay over and I have stayed over at family member’s houses. I’ve just stayed close to people that have been very supportive and have offered me prayers. The most interesting part of this whole experience was that I didn’t think people would really care.

Make sure you are at peace with everyone: Life is really short. So, I’m not in that frame of my mind to begrudge anyone or have issues with them.

What not to do when grieving

Don’t blame yourself: I’ve asked myself why I didn’t tell him not to travel or maybe if I had visited him the Wednesday before he traveled on Thursday. You know, you’re replaying all the events in your head and you’re wondering what could have happened differently and its not what it because it has happened.

Making sense of everything: What if the driver did this? what if the trailer did that? what if I got there? And you’re asking all these questions like, did he suffer? Is he in Heaven? Don’t ask yourself those questions because you don’t have the answers to them.

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