Here Are The Importance Of Social Media Monitoring To Your Business

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Nowadays most organizations are active on social media, engaging directly with their consumers or potential customers. Social media monitoring has become a huge marketing tool because companies are realizing the importance of gauging public mood towards your product.

Here are a few ways social media monitoring can benefit your business:

Improves Your Customer service

Good customer service includes listening and responding to product feedback, questions, and complaints on social media. Studies show that users tend to feel more positive towards a brand when their posts are replied to. People tend to buy products when they have a good experience and feel like they’re being treated well.

If complaints or questions go unnoticed, it might make the product experience negative. Users may forget to tag you in their posts, or they might not even be aware that they can reach your brand through the social media platform they’re on, but they still expect a response.

It’s important to learn how users talk about you on each social network. For example, when you’re tracking conversations on Twitter, remember to track brand mentions with and without the “@” symbol.

For Instagram, you should track your brand name with and without the “#” symbol. Make sure you’re responding to posts made on your Facebook Page and the messages that come into your inbox.

Once you start monitoring mentions and discussions, you won’t miss out on opportunities to engage with users.

Helps You Identify influencers and advocates

Influencers are people whose opinions are valued in the industry. Around 90% of consumers say they trust what the people they’re familiar with recommend. When so much value is placed on the recommendations of others, it’s a great advantage if you have the support of people considered influencers in your industry. You’ll get access to a larger audience, since they have a large following. When they tweet or post about your brand, a sense of trust is created about your products.

You should also track users who are advocating your brand. Brand advocates are the customers who constantly share your posts or recommend your product or service on social media. Build a good relationship with these users and continue to engage with them.

Helps You Get feedback

By monitoring social conversations, you can get ideas about how to build a better product. Pick up on new feature ideas, discover challenges to rectify, and find out how users react to a product or service that’s similar to yours.

For example, if a user tweets to Zylker Travels, something along the lines of “Hey! It would be great if you blogged about weekend getaways and activities,” the people at Zylker Travels can use that suggestion to start creating content around that theme and start rolling out weekend holiday packages.

Negative feedback can also be an opportunity to improve your product or service. Track these mentions to learn about any issues your customers are facing so you can quickly respond to them with a solution or let them know if it’s part of your brand’s business roadmap.

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