Here Are Tips On How To Identify a Wife Material Among Nigerian Ladies

When you hear wife material, what comes to your mind? Probably you are asking how many yards is the material or the true colour of the material and also you want to know the originality of the material because there are fake materials everywhere.

Enough said about the description of what you are looking for in a wife material; we shall be taking a look at how to identify a wife material among Nigerian ladies.

The material here is talking about the qualities you need to look out for or things you can see in a lady and will make you conclude that she is a ‘take home to Mama.’

1. She dresses moderately

There is something very attractive in dressing moderately. It is not about dressing seductively to get the attention of every man but a simple, classy, and a dapper look that naturally turns head and makes people look at a lady twice with dignity and not with a mind of undressing her immediately.

2. She is not extravagant

A wife material is a lady that is not extravagant; she doesn’t spend lavishly but very discreet and prudent. She can achieve more with little resources

3. She has a good character

The character is everything and a lady that lacks character lacks everything. It just goes by that saying that a bad character is like a flat tire, you cannot go anywhere without changing it. A lady with a bad character can destroy good things, so nobody wants to associate with her.

4. She talks gracefully

A lady that talks gracefully is one that doesn’t pull down with her mouth but builds with it. She knows when to contribute to a matter and when to be quiet.

5. She is submissive

Such lady is a lady that is ready to submit. She is ready to love you to submission and not that she will be forced to submit to you. Through submission, she will be able to respect you as the man.


6. She respects her mother

This is one attribute of a wife material; she knows how to carry her mother with honour and so will not find it difficult to respect her husband’s mother. She will not see her as her mother-in-law but as her own mother.

7. She knows how to cook

As a lady that will “mother” and not “murder” her family and be a wife and not a knife to her husband, she must know how to cook delicious food.

8. She is a praying lady

A wife material is a praying woman, she understands that life is full of battles and even beside battles, she understands the fact that she needs to secure her home with prayer.

9. She is cooperative

A wife material is such a lady that is ready to cooperate with you as the man in order to achieve greatness together.

10. She must be a visionary

She has a goal she wants to achieve as a woman and she understands that her goal is tied to your own as the man and so ready to work with you in unity so that you can both achieve success together.

11. She is God fearing

Above all, a wife material has the fear of God. She does everything with the fear of God and so this prevents her from misbehaving.

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