Here Are What God Told Me About Buhari —Omale

In your 2019 prophecies released on December 31, 2018, you said that President Muhammadu Buhari would be re-elected and that the general election would be free and fair. How did you arrive at the prophecy?

I am a prophet of God and by the grace of God, I have been prophesying from the age of eight. Since then till now, anything the Lord tells us comes to pass because we hear from the Him; we don’t hear from men. We don’t use people opinion to prophesy. There are thousands of people that call themselves prophets; pastors that use people’s opinions to prophesy. When we hear from the Lord, we tell people. It is left for people to take it. During our crossover, God told me that President Buhari would be re-elected; that Atiku Abubarkar will try but will not get elected as president. And God told me a lot of things about Buhari. It is He that anointed him to be our leader at this season and when God has annointed someone to be a leader or President, you can’t change it. The world can hate him: the world can reject him but God has ordained him, and there is something about God. When He says that you would be this, no man can change it. Even your father, mother, brothers and sisters can hate you, but they can’t change it. When other people were saying that Buhari would not come back, we said the mind of God.

Now that the man has been reelected, despite the stiff opposition against him, do you see goodies for Nigerians?

God loves Nigeria so much. Nigeria is a big country, and is blessed for having people like us. God loves Nigeria and that is why he brought Buhari back. The coming back of Buhari is going to be for the good of the people: the poor people are going to be able to eat three times a day; there will be light; we are going to have infrastructure; and God is going to use Buhari to build a new Nigeria, to lay a solid foundation. My advice to Nigerians is that we support Buhari and pray for him. What you are against, you cannot benefit from. All the political parties whose candidates didn’t win should start praying for Buhari so that his government can be a blessing to them. There is nothing they can do, it’s God that brought him. God said that it’s him, there is nothing that we can do. If you try to fight somebody that God has brought to the seat of power, you are fighting yourself. The person will be walking stronger and you will be going down. I will advise Christians, Muslims, Pagans and everybody to pray for Buhari and support his government because it›s God that brought him. No doubt about it. God told me that Buhari was coming back and His prophesy has come to pass.

You are advising the opposition parties and Nigerians, in general, to support President Buhari in his second coming. If you see the President elect today, what will be your advice to him?

If I see him today, I will tell him that he is the father of everybody. God has made him a father to everybody, and a father cannot disown his child, even though the child can be stubborn and say all kind of things. Today God has made President Buhari the father to every Nigerian: to every Bishop, the Alfas, and all the Juju people, the Ogboni people and even witches and wizards. He is their father because it is God that put him there. So we have to listen to him and humble ourselves.

Again I will tell him that he should open his hand and forgive everybody. If the President examines his victory well, he will know that it is God that grated him victory. It is neither money nor people. If it is money or people, the other people that are fighting him have more. I know that Buhari himself knows that it is God. This is a man whom everybody thought was going to die. He came back alive and fought the fight of the election again, and God still helped him. He didn’t break down. God is telling me that in the next few years, Nigerians will know that President Buhari is God sent. There is a mystery about him and very soon people will see that, truly, God has brought him. People should stop saying ‘no’ to the victory. This victory is from the throne of grace, let us take it so that we can move forward.

What is your advice to the Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, who is still bitter about the outcome of the poll?

Thank God that Atiku is a man who has seen life and who practices the religion that preaches God’s will. When Muslims lose something, it does not pain them the way Christians are pained when they lose something. Anything that happens, to them, is the will of God. He too, as a good Muslim and good leader, has seen that it is truly the will of God that Buhari remain in power. If God wants you to get something, even when you are not qualified for it, God will do something for you to get it. You saw that he put all the efforts, he tried, he campaigned, and did everything, before things turned out this way. My advice to him is that he should know it is the will of God. Although Nigerians love him so much, he should know it is the will of God for President Buhari to be in power. He should just call him and work together with him for the future of our country.

Buhari and Atiku may come together as brothers to work for this country but they still have some followers. What is your advice to their followers?

The two leaders should talk to their followers that it is the will of God. When their supporters start fighting one another, there will set back. Followers of these people have to be wise like a serpent. They should also know that Atiku’s loss, despite his efforts, is the will of God. They should pray for this country and pray for President Buhari, so that he can favour them. Their prayer point should be that God should use the regime of President Buhari to favour them. Anybody who prays like that will get answers; but when you pray for somebody to be destroyed, you too will be destroyed. Pray for your leader, and God will bless you and make you a leader too. They are disciples today, a day will come that they will become Governors and President too. If you want somebody to pray that kind of prayer for you, you pray for your leader so that God can reward you and make you a leader too.


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