Here Are What Nigerians Need As President Buhari Begins Second Term

This is neither a review of President Buhari’s first tenure, nor a forecast of his just running second term, but a note to Nigerians

Nigerians are apparently in a state of confusion due to lack of confidence in this administration. Before the 2019 general elections, it appeared we all knew what we wanted without even knowing we don’t know what we want.

As much as we cannot all agree President Buhari is the best man for us, we all have an accord and know there’s no best man, only a man that is close to better, whom we haven’t seen in our political sphere.

Nigeria, as a democratic country, has crossed a lot of hurdles in perfecting her democracy and with hard work, transparency and love for the country, we’ll ultimately perfect our democracy, ‘based on belief’. We need to find our path, return to loving each other without bias, we need to be united and not see our different tribes as hindrance or setback to one another.

The lack of love ripped us off unity and in turn, threw our country into a state of chaos, comatose and poverty that we are now. Nigerians are faced with insecurities, when we wake up in the morning, go about our daily activities by day and go to bed at night – insecurity is boldly written everywhere not until Boko Haram terrorists strike or bandits cause us pains. The lack of good electricity, good healthcare, motorable roads, good food, adequate job opportunities and quality education created more rooms for insecurity in the country; all these factors have killed more people and rendered many as living dead than what Boko Haram and bandits have done to us in this country.

We cannot keep blaming everything on the government, we the citizens, also have our share of the blame and we have to admit it. Ask yourself, “what am I doing to make Nigeria a better place?” Pick up a pen an paper and start putting down your contributions before pointing fingers at the government. Yes, we ‘chose’ the government to represent us, but that shouldn’t stop us from being involved, it shouldn’t stop us from doing what is expected of a good citizen. The government cannot force us to love ourselves and we cannot be forced to be united as well.

We are better off as a people than a single individual, our disunity is why the government sees itself as being too big to control by the masses, and our lack of love for one another is why we still have preferential treatments how we go about our policies. Once we as a people do the needful, the eventual change will begin to work out.

President Muhammadu Buhari, on May 29, began his second term in office – an administration that is expected to take Nigeria to the ‘Next Level’ of the initial ‘Change’ promised. These four years in view, Nigerians have handful expectations from the current number one citizen of the country. Amongst the expectations Nigerians want the government to address with immediate effect are security challenges facing the country, poor electricity, poor healthcare, lack of job opportunities, and the unfortunate state of Nigeria’s education.

Above all, we all have to support and hope for the best from the Buhari-led government.


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