Here Is How You Can Increase Employee Turnover

Love your job

Engaged employees love their job. They explore their responsibilities, enjoy working and believe they are adding value by doing so. This means they are less likely to quit. As research shows: when engagement levels rise, employee turnover rates drop. Engaged employees also deliver a better performance. This too is a natural occurrence. Employees that are happy, are more likely to go the extra mile for the organization’s success. For example, by helping a customer after closing time or by suggesting ways to improve on their own initiative. Last but not least, engaged employees are often better aligned, which improves collaboration. All together, organizations that work with engaged employees make 22% more profit.

Increase customer satisfaction

You are not the only one to benefit from engaged employees. Research shows that as employee engagement increases, so does customer satisfaction. For example, an engaged employee will score an impressive 8.5 on customer orientation. Employees that are not so engaged rarely score more than a 6. A happy employee will offer customers a better experience than an employee who is just waiting to go home, which is not that surprising. Organizations that score very well on customer satisfaction, also score better on employee retention and attract customers more easily through word of mouth and positive reviews on social media.

How to improve engagement?

Generally speaking, having fun and being challenged at work have the highest impact on levels of engagement. Years of analyzing data show us that offering the right amount of responsibility, variation, a pleasant working environment, autonomy, alignment, and supporting personal development all benefit employee enagement. Wondering which factors contribute to the level of engagement in your organization? Conducting our extensive employee survey will help you map them, plus discover what you can do to boost the overall employee experience and improve enagement. Would you rather solely focus on engagement?

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