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Here’s 5 Top Digital Marketing News Sources You Should Know

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Digital marketing across the world is moving at a fast rate. As news reporting has also gone digital, it is easy to fall behind in getting early news about information that matter.

So as to always keep up with news on digital marketing, here are five websites you should always visit to get latest information on digital marketing;

1. Search Engine Land

If you’re in search, you’re probably already an avid reader of Search Engine Land. The publication also organizes and hosts the hotly anticipated Search Marketing Expo (SMX) conference every year. The industry’s go-to news source for both breaking headlines and comprehensive analysis, Search Engine Land should be in every search marketer’s RSS feed.

2. Search Engine Roundtable

Search Engine Roundtable, is another essential read for Internet marketers. Few news sources, independent or otherwise, manage to combine breaking hard news coverage with analysis and context the way Search Engine Roundtable does, and between the daily recaps, the active and engaging forum, and the regularly posted video content, there’s more the enough to keep even the most diligent newshound satisfied.

3. Buffer

It’s difficult to imagine the world of social media without Buffer.  Ever since they shocked pretty much everyone with their radical approach to corporate transparency, the Buffer team has continued to raise eyebrows and the bar with the quality of their content and their timely insights into trending topics.  In a rising ocean of content about social, Buffer continues to stand out.

4. Social Media Today

Whenever anything of note happens in the social media world, Social Media Today is often among the first to report on it. Featuring a wide range of content beyond its hard news coverage, SMT is an indispensable ally to social media marketers who need the latest news as it happens.

5. Inside Google Ads Blog

Some news sources break Google Ads developments so fast you’d think they were constantly hitting refresh on the official Inside Google Ads blog. Obviously the definitive place to get (officially sanctioned) news about new Google Ads features, the AdWords blog is the news source for PPC marketers who need to know what’s going on as it happens.

Don’t forget to keep up with too.

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