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Here’s All You Need To Know About Angelica Nwandu, Founder Of The Shade Room

Angelica Nwandu is the owner of The Shade Room, a successful media company that reports celebrity gossip and news.

The business sprang up from her passion for celebrity news and gossip. Initially, she had no money for any start-up, but with hard work and dedication, she started her business on Instagram.

Here’s all you need to know about her:

1. Angelica was born in 1989 in the United States of America. Angelica lost her mum due to domestic violence caused by her father. She and her four sisters were taken to a foster care where she lived with new people.

2. She attended a programme called Peace for Kids, a programme that helps foster kids to let out their anger. She joined the poetry programme to use her writing skills to express her feelings, especially the pains that haunted her from the past.


3.She studied Accounting and Human Resources at Loyola Marymount University on a full scholarship.

4. It was after two years of her Accounting job that she told Zaid Gayle, her mentor from Peace for Kids that she hated her job and wanted to write.

5. Zaid introduced her to Jordana Spiro, a screenwriter working on a story similar to that of her family. They worked on it together. She presented the poem on stage. Michelle Satter, director of Sundance Institute offered her a grant for her writing.

6. Angelica used the grant to start an Instagram page where she shares news and gossip about celebrities. She became obsessed with blogging. The Shade Room got 700,000 followers in their first year.

7. Angelica Nwandu employs paparazzi who are everywhere taking photographs of interesting events and situations in the lives of celebrities.

8. Angelica created the Roommates community to engage her followers, and so that they can ‘be part of something’.

9. Angelica says she does not go on vacation. She is passionate about what she does and cannot afford The Shade Room to go down.

10. Angelica says she definitely wants to fall in love and have a family, but she wants to make her dreams come true first.


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