Here’s What Your Nails Say About Your Health

Finger nails
While you’re checking your skin and hair for external changes or abnormalities, add nail checks to your list as well. Our nails also serve as windows to the soul, revealing signs of problems with the liver, lungs and heart. Click read more below to see some health indicators you need to be aware of:


Pale Nails
Are your nails looking a little under-nourished? This could be a sign of anemia, liver disease or even malnutrition. If your nails are completely white with a dark rim, this can be a sign of hepatitis. Don’t ignore the signs and see your doctor for further evaluation.
Brittle and Breaking
Lay off the manicures, acrylics and gel wraps and give your nails a chance to breathe when you find them becoming brittle and easy to peel. Replenish moisture to your nails with a vitamin A, C and B conditioner and be sure to keep current on your daily vitamin supplements.
Yellow nails
Tinted nails that are yellow can indicate several factors that range from less serious to something you should be concerned about. If you love dark nail polishes, it is not uncommon for your nails to become stained. Simply dip them in denture cleaner to lift the stains and wash your nails anew.
Nail discoloration can also be caused by a fungus or psoriasis. In rare cases, yellow nails can also be a sign of thyroid issues or diabetes.
Rippled nails
Does the surface of your nails appear rippled or pitted? These characteristics can be early signs of arthritis or psoriasis. In these cases, the bed of the nail may also be discolored or appear to have a reddish-brown tint.
Have you ever spoken with your doctor about concerns with your nails?

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