‘How I Escaped My First Romance Scam Of 2018’ – Nigerian Lady Narrates On Twitter

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@TheDoubleQueen , she just escaped her first scam of 2018 courtesy of baby’s cry.

Read her story…

“So this guy I exchanged numbers with this evening just called. . .we talked at length & as we were about to end the call….I heard a child call out ‘Daddy’! He ended the call immediately. And just like that…I escaped my first scam of 2018. Thank You Lord!”

“So I have been off twitter & I came back to meet the whole country in my mentions. Lots, making excuses for this man & others saying I jumped into conclusions.”

“Lol. He called back & acted like nothing happened. When I asked why he ended the call, said ‘network’. And the child?. . .’what child?’. It was my turn to end. Thin tall Tony reloaded. Ain’t no one got time for that!”

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