How I Make Money From My ‘Stupidity’ – Mr Ibu

John Okafor, a filmmaker, popularly known as ‘Mr Ibu’ on Wednesday said that the creative industry was capable of being a major revenue earner for the country if properly harnessed.

Ibu said in Lagos that he was optimistic that the industry would attain new feats because of its increasing popularity among the public.

“I urge youths who are interested in making a name for themselves in the creative industry to take advantage of the immense potential the industry has to offer.

“If you can tap from your natural abilities and make the best use of them in generating creative ideas, it will go a long way at boosting your chances in the creative sector,” he said.

The filmmaker said that there was a lot of potential in comedy which is an integral part of the creative industry because of the diverse methods comedy could be used to entertain the audience.

He said that some comedians used to be upset when critics described their works as stupid.

He, however, said that stupidity, if properly harnessed, is a material for producing comical series.

“Some of the world’s famous comedians derived their fame from packaging and presenting their stupidity in a humorous way to their audience,” Ibu said.

He, therefore, urged up-and-coming comedians to strive to bring out their best in whatever aspect of comedy they decided to veer into.

“In a world where there is so much tension and stress, people are looking for avenues to release their pent up energies as a means of relaxation.

“Laughter is the best medicine and if you are gifted in the art of making people laugh then you will surely make it as a comedian,” he said.

The filmmaker commended the Lagos State Government (LASG) in its effort to create and sustain an enabling environment that supports hard work regardless of tribe and ethnicity.

“If you have a legitimate business in Lagos State and you remain focused on what you do, you will definitely prosper because of the existing structures already on ground.

“In addition, Lagos has the market and the facilities to support the development of the creative industry, therefore, choosing a career in this profession would be fun.

Ibu said that the key to being successful in life was to be humble, take advice from experienced people, have good networking skills and encouraged youths to imbibe these qualities.


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