How I Overcame A Lawsuit To Host My Eko Atlantic Concert – Davido

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David ‘Davido’ Adeleke, Nigerian Afropop superstar, says a number of challenges threatened to truncate his concert which held at Eko Atlantic, Lagos.

The singer said he had to surmount a change of venue, change of concert name, reprinting of tickets and billboards as well as a lawsuit.

In an Instagram post on Saturday, the ‘Fall’ singer narrated his experience and difficulties in putting together the concert.

Davido alleged that people wanted to see him fail and that “they tried to block me from all avenues”.

He said his crew and the organisers “only had 12 days to sell tickets and put this show together”.

The singer wrote: “When I came in this industry about 8 years ago at just 17 all I wanted was my video to be played on TV even if it’s only once! From the first time my first video ‘Back When’ ever played on television till now I haven’t failed!

“Don’t get me wrong we’ve cut it close so many times but God always finds a way to save me!. What haven’t they said about David?? Ehn?? 6 days before the show they made us switch the venue from Oceanview Grounds to Eko Atlantic after plenty preparation and flyers, billboards TV and radio ads, everything!

“Four days before this show I was sued by someone (won’t say who) trying to stop my show just because I wouldn’t work with them anymore and wanted to try and do the show by myself. After spending millions! They said the name ‘City of Davido’ is their idea and because of that I shouldn’t do any show with my own name on the 27th of December.

“I said fuck a distraction. How much will it cost to change the name on everything?! Do I have that? Yes! We MOVE! I changed the name from ‘City of Davido’ to ‘DAVIDO live in concert’. Printed thousands of new tickets! Hundreds of new billboard banners! LED boards ALL! They STILL went to court 2 days to showday to try and stop the show!!

“But my God is bigger than them! We beat that shit! My joy is never to just see myself win but to see other people win. Put people on, put smiles on the faces. that’s my own joy! Every time I WIN they act like they are blind!

“Thank you to all the artists and performers that came through for me and everyone that helped me put this show together.

“Thank you to my lawyer, my manager my ever supportive Father and God.”

Davido is expected to headline a concert at London’s O2 Arena in January 2019.


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