How Most Nigerians Make A Living In Malaysia

Every young Nigerian has heard about the tonnes of opportunities that exist in Malaysia and how guys who travel to the country return home with huge box.

However, very few of them know the actual kind of hustle Nigerians engage themselves in when they travel to Malaysia. Below is a narration by Naijaguy123 on a popular forum about how Nigerians make a living in Malaysia.

Most Nigerian men I heard are into internet fraud and drugs and the women are into prostitution. A woman can earn up to $5000 dollars a month doing prostitution and that’s the worst you can earn. But most women prostitute need a p1mp too and the guys make money from this.

Malaysia is a big tourist country and tourist love cheap sex and lots of drugs . A girl as beautiful as Agbani darego will cost you 100/200 pound per hour in UK as an escort, same girl 100 percent will cost you $100/200 whole night 8 hours in Malaysia.(prostitution is big)

So some unlucky ones get scammed by Nigerian too. With credit card fraud on the high. You can use your card in a store right now and in 10 minutes Nigerians are using it hundreds of miles away because they just cloned your credit card with the help of the cashier they corrupted. In Nigeria we don’t use our credit cards online for shopping as such, in country like Malaysia it’s common but most are fraudulent stolen cards by Nigerian.

Also there is love scam, Nigerian will steal someone’s identity and use it to scam Malaysian women of money . The woman is thinking she’s talking to an American who live in Japan not knowing she’s talking to John from Aba or Ayo from Ibadan who are based in Malaysia.

Also money wire fraud. It’s very very hard to get your stay/papers in USA or Europe,( fake marriage in Uk up to 10,000 pounds, visa fees 2,000, renewal after 2,3 to 5 years about 3,000 more for indefinite stay then sure banker fake wife want more money about 5,000 pounds after few years , you spent more than 20,000 pounds to get a stay and over 10 years plus of illegal stay) without a stay you can’t open bank accounts, without bank accounts or valid ID the stolen yahoo money goes no where. It will just be sitting there and you need to move it.

So when Nigerians in USA or Europe get the paper they don’t want to mess with it, if anyone suggest a fraud you get scared cos you know this might take you to prison then deportation back to naija but on the other hands papers are very very easy in Malaysia. You can enter on a social visa then turn it to student visa then turn it to a stay . So that encourage the one interested in fraud to attempt it as they didn’t suffer a lot to get the papers.

Also the Arab factors. When a white guy is duped or scammed am telling you they will report to the police and that crime is on police database. A white guy can report you to the police for selling him fake cocaine and he might not be prosecuted but an Arab will simply take it as bad business and he’s ashamed of reporting it.

In a country like Malaysia with many Arab tourist, Arabs don’t report crimes and that means police can’t do nothing as nothing got reported. When crimes get reported, there is more heat on the criminals as they know someone is out there trailing them. So in Malaysia, bad guys get multiple chances before they are caught compare with no chances in Europe or USA. I’ve been abroad a few times and I saw the good but mostly worst of Nigerian.


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