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How Nigerians Are Wasting Money On 4K Ultra HD TVs

4K UHD TVs are the best display TVs in the market but it’s not for the Nigerian market! What am I even saying ? It’s not even for the African market ! But we see this TVs in the showrooms and eventually in the homes of people, even some government office connect their CCTV cameras to 4K TVs so the security men can see what’s really happening around the building. Funny, they just buy it without understanding the concept behind it. This post is for enlightenment purpose because people are fund of buying electronic gadgets without doing little research or at least seek the advice of an expert. They rather rely on the advice of salesmen/saleswomen who are just there for one reason, make profit ! It is a good thing to embrace new and better technology, but there’s a difference between embracing new technology and just wasting money. In this post I’m going to explain exactly why Nigerians are wasting money on one of such technologies.


First of all, what is 4K ?

It’s not a fancy name, 4K is actually a resolution (2160 X 3840). The highest video display resolution right now! To enjoy the power of true 4K UHD technology, you must have a high video resolution of 2160 X 3840 pixels to match with the 4K UHD TV, that’s when you can say you’re watching 4K TV. This display is a lot better than the usual HD and full HD displays and produces super-rich quality, life-like displays.


Sorry to say this but a lot of Nigerians don’t understand how resolutions work. A lot of people who buy 4k UHD TVs have never watched 4k videos before. THE MAJOR PROBLEM IS, there are few 4K contents available. A 5 minute 4k video is about 2GB in size how much more a full movie of almost 2 hours. A lot of TV shows, movies and TV networks are not even available in 4K resolution ! Not even MTV, CNN, BEIN SPORTS, SUPER SPORTS, FOX NEWS, AFRICAN MAGIC, SOUNDCITY, NAT GEO WILD etc displays 4K UHD videos. They only display in HD. So what’s the point of splashing huge amount of cash on 4K UHD TV only to go home and watch the regular videos or cable TV channels. You’re not different from the guy who bought a much cheaper FULL HD TV because its same video resolutions and you can hardly notice the difference. Agreed it does upscale the video quality to some extent but it’s still not 4K. TV stations around the world are not ready to embrace the 4K UHD technology yet! Unless you ready to stream 4K videos directly from NETFLIX or AMAZON PRIME at mind blowing data rates, you can hardly enjoy the 4K experience. Even if you have the cash to burn, which internet service provider in Nigeria can give you enough bandwidth to stream 4k movies non-stop on Netflix at 2160 X 3840 pixels everyday ? This is a secret no TV sales man will ever tell you. Buying such TV in Nigeria is like buying a Ferrari and driving it in a street full of potholes. You can hardly enjoy it !

Do you think Nigeria will be ready for the 4K TV technology in the next 5-10 years ? Tell us in the comment section


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