How Prophet ‘Daniel’ Abodunrin Was Killed and Eaten By Lions At Ibadan Zoo In 1991

Religion has turned many Nigerians into rambling psychopaths. From the raving mad Islamists who ravaged an entire northeastern geopolitical zone of the federal republic to a deluded band of Obafemi Awolowo University students who withdrew into the deep tropical forest to wait for the world to come to an end or to the traditionalists who exhume corpses for rituals of fortune, religion has done great damage to the cerebral tissues of many of our citizens. But this is notDaniel’ AbodunrinDaniel’ Abodunrin a recent development. As far back as 1961, Edidem Bassey (I wrote his story, seeHERE) was worshipped by many as Jesus Christ. Nigerian history is not complete without the numerous bizarre stories that are always woven with faiths. Today, I present to you the most notorious story of a bloody encounter between a Nigerian prophet and an African beast.

“No weapon that is formed against you will prosper; And every tongue that accuses you in judgment you will condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, And their vindication is from Me,” declares the LORD.

– Isaiah 54:17

The city of Ibadan in Oyo State, southwestern Nigeria is one of the largest in West Africa. It is home to the first university in Nigeria, University of Ibadan, established by the colonial masters in 1948. One of the most famous features of this great citadel of learning is its Zoological Garden, which is one of the oldest in the country. The zoo plays host to various animals but the most legendary of them all are the lions. For many visitors, a trip to the famed zoo is not complete without seeing the majestic lions. So it was during the Easter Lenten season of 1991, all of Ibadan was buzzing with excitement of the season and naturally, one of the prime spots of attraction for many families was the University of Ibadan Zoo. Families, couples and tourists trooped into the zoo that fateful day.

However, unknown to all of the other visitors, there was one particular visitor who had another sinister agenda. Bishop (some referred to him as a pastor or a bishop) ‘Daniel’ Abodunrin’s intention that fateful day was not to see the lions and take some memorable pictures with them. His goal was to demonstrate something that had never been done before. His plan was to replicate what was written in the Holy Bible thousands of years ago. It was the story of a Jewish boy in Jerusalem named Daniel who was captured by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon who served in the king’s court until the time of Cyrus, the Persian emperor. Although many scholars today have agreed that Daniel never existed and the story is nothing but an allusion to the reign of King Antiochus IV Epiphanes of Greece, the tale has survived till modern-day Nigeria and it was this story that inspired Pastor Abodunrin to take that fatal gamble that fateful day, he took the trip from Omi Adio, a tiny village in Ibadan, paid the transport fare of N120 and headed to the zoo at Ibadan. In the biblical story, Daniel was made a high-ranking officer by Darius the king of Babylon, his enemies became jealous and accused him of worshipping God instead of the emperor. Daniel was flung into the den of lions but he was not afraid, the lions did not hurt him and an angel came to rescue Daniel and he was restored to his former glory and his enemies were crushed. That was how it went in the Old Testament.

Because Daniel did it in the Bible, the Nigerian prophet also decided to do it.

Because Daniel did it in the Bible, the Nigerian prophet also decided to do it. Image credits: Creative Commons. 


Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.” – Genesis 1:26

Fast forward to 1991 AD. Location: Ibadan. A pastor in West Africa attempts to recreate what was narrated in the sixth chapter of the Book of Daniel. Pastor Abodunrin donned a flowing red robe and clutched his big Holy Bible. As he made his way for the lion enclosure, alarmed zoo keepers shouted and warned him (some other records stated that he sneaked in and it all happened very fast while another version has it that he managed to convince one of the zoo keepers to allow him enter and let God demonstrate signs and wonders saying that the God of Daniel is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow). One thing was clear: Abodunrin did not listen to any of those warning him. Terrified families who were enjoying their picnic looked on with a bewildering mixture of shock and terror, screams rented the serene atmosphere of the zoo but Abodunrin was just chanting Bible verses at the top of his voice and speaking in tongues. He made it into the enclosure of the lions and stared at them. The lions stared back at him. It was a most discomforting sight for everyone, including the lions. An exchange of death stares and at a point, a deafening silence fell over the whole place. It was all like a movie. Devout Christians in the crowd were waiting to see a faith-enhancing miracle while some others toughened their minds for the bloodiest drama of the century.

Driven by the zeal and passion of religion and with the utmost belief that he would be save by the Holy Spirit or that the angels will paralyze the lions as they did for Daniel, Abodunrin did not stop chanting Bible verses and speaking in tongues, wriggling his body under the robes, providing what was the spectacle of the year for everyone in the zoo. A crowd had gathered. But inside the den of the lions, something interesting was going on with the Nigerian Daniel and the feline beasts. As Abodunrin approached them, the big cats retreated and moved towards a corner of their cage, that was their instinct. They withdrew from the marauding ‘man of God’.

Can you face a lion with a Bible?

Can you confront a lion with a Bible? This lion is at the Agodi Gardens in Ibadan.

At that moment, everyone was watching the entire drama as if it was a dream. Here was a man in a flowing red robe, armed with nothing but a large Bible, approaching some of the fiercest creatures on earth. When Abodunrin jumped into the lions’ cage, the lions moved into a tense retreat. Abodunrin stepped closer. He seemed determined to cow the lions and turn them into goats. He felt he possessed all the heavenly authority and spiritual powers to summon angels to weaken the lions. The only way to paralyze a lion in an instant is to use a tranquilizer dart, which is just common sense. But the prophet felt things in the physical world are controlled in the realm of the spirits and there was no need for any tranquilizer dart, he would use his copy of the Bible as a sedative for the lions. He brushed off those who warned him of an imminent death that they had carnal minds and could not understand things of the spirit. Rational people in the audience looked on in horror as it looked like a feast was ready.

He might have mistaken the retreat of the lions for a sign of weakness or that the angels were actually working their wonders already. Like a deranged mind, Abodunrin kept chanting Bible verses, making gestures at the lions and commanding them to be still. He was calling on the God of Daniel who saved the prophet in Babylon to show awesome power. As he made a final approach towards the lions, what happened next was…

“No weapon that is formed against you will prosper; And every tongue that accuses you in judgment you will condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, And their vindication is from Me,” declares the LORD.

– Isaiah 54:17

In a flash, the lions lifted their massive bodies and charged at Abodunrin. The Bible flew away and he landed with a thud. A bitter struggle ensued and the terrified crowd could not believe the scene before their eyes. It seemed everyone was too confused or fixated to even do anything. Pastor Abodunrin could not believe his eyes and as the lions landed on him, the look of terror in his eyes could only be better imagined. In a matter of seconds, he was torn to shreds. He died on the spot and the lions snacked on his remains. A single, well-aimed bite from a lion is enough to kill an adult human being in a matter of seconds. Abodunrin’s red robe was redder with the splatter of his blood all over the place, his torn and bloodied Bible in one corner of the lions’ cage.

Some of the last sights of Prophet Abodunrin looked like this.

Some of the last sights of Prophet Abodunrin looked like this. Imagine seeing this moments before your death. What a spectacle! 

What remained of the audacious preacher was later recovered and you can see it in the photo. Today, many preachers across the globe have made attempts to recreate the narrated stories and miracles of the Bible but they have ended disastrously, from the pastor who drowned while trying to walk on water to another pastor who entered a lion’s den in Taiwan only to be wounded after shouting to the lions: ‘Jesus would save you!’. Nigerians have to learn to embrace rational thinking instead of beclouding their senses with religious ideologies that will only end in sorrow and offer nothing of value to humanity. When ebola disease broke out in Nigeria, Pastor Ituah Ighodalo angered not a few Nigerians when he said that even if people drank ebola virus, nothing would happen to them because they were children of God.

A gruesome photo shows what became of Prophet Abodunrin after he entered the lions' den shouting Halleluyah.

A gruesome photo shows what became of Prophet Abodunrin after he entered the lions’ den shouting Halleluyah.


  In an instant, the story was all over the country that a pastor who entered the lion’s den was mauled to death and consumed by the beasts. Many could not believe their ears. However, there were some Christians who actually believe that the pastor was a true man of God and that the lions were actually possessed by demons to have attacked the anointed ‘man of God’. This set of Christians were enraged and demanded that the lions be killed.

At this point, I will make reference to the experience of a journalist from that era, someone who actually had the experience of the saga, Akeem Soboyode, he wrote of the incident in July 2004:

About a year later, I also had cause to comment on the sad and tragic escapade of a pastor who deliberately sneaked into the lion’s den at the University of Ibadan zoo and was mauled to death by a lion. Despite my growing reservation then regarding issues of religion, my interest in writing an article on that issue came primarily from the fact that I am a proud alumnus of the university and paid many visits to that zoo while I was a student there. Immediately after the tragic event, many suggested that the lion be put to death. I argued in my article, also published in the PUNCH, that the lion was a beast, not a rational being as one would expect its victim to be. That was the way nature programmed it to react to such an event, and the unthinking “Daniel” should have known better. I don’t recall if the lion was eventually destroyed, but I do remember that after the article was published, one of my Christian friends made a comment along these lines: “Akeem, don’t you know the lion must have been possessed to have killed the pastor? Why should it deserve to live?”

In July 2015, the boss of the University of Ibadan Zoo, Dr. (Mrs) Olajumoke Falode-Morenikeji confirmed the incident and this is what she had to say about it:

Dr Mrs Olajumoke Falode, the 'Great Huntress' of the University of Ibadan Zoological Gardens. She relived the experience in an interview.

Dr Mrs Olajumoke Falode, the ‘Great Huntress’ of the University of Ibadan Zoological Gardens. She relived the experience in an interview.

But there was a story we learned, that a man called Daniel wanted to catch a lion; jumped into the lions’ cage here in your Zoo and was killed and eaten by the lion. How true is that story?

It is a true story – it happened many years ago before I got here. You know, in the society we have different kinds of people, some are normal while some are not, this man actually jumped into the lions’ cage and presented himself as a feast for the lions, he was the one that killed himself, infact the lions first withdrew from him, but he still went ahead chanting bible passages and perhaps hoping to catch the lion or something close to that – and the lion needed to defend itself, he pounded on the man and killed him, so that was the peculiar case.

Did people attempt to rescue him or something?

It was so sudden I am sure, nobody in their right senses will not do that.

Today, the zoo proudly boasts of lions and below are photos of some of the lions with their names:





How Prophet ‘Daniel’Abodunrin Was Killed & Eaten By Lions At Ibadan Zoo In 1991

This is Arnold. Credits: Damola Dada.

How Prophet ‘Daniel’Abodunrin Was Killed & Eaten By Lions At Ibadan Zoo In 1991

Always let sleeping lions lie.

On the 14th of January 2015, Pastor Enoch Adeboye was at the same zoo to commission the upgraded University of Ibadan Zoological Garden. Adeboye had donated the sum of N45 million for the upgrade of the zoo, and part of the upgrade was the building of modern cages for the animals, meaning the lions got new and reinforced cages. I found it amusing that another pastor would be back at the zoo years later to provide money for stronger and reinforced cages for the lions in the same zoo where another pastor was mauled to pieces. You know, probably if the cages had been stronger that time, I might not have had to write this story.

They will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.” – Mark 16: 18

How Prophet ‘Daniel’Abodunrin Was Killed & Eaten By Lions At Ibadan Zoo In 1991 1




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  1. Mr. Leo you are a mocker of the Truth. If you are not careful the eternal destiny of the said prophet Daniel will be better than yours. He may be stupid, but dont be a fool.

  2. The living GOD I know (the Creator) doesnt need to be attempted. Remember Jesus denied to cast himself down from a pinnacle of the temple ( Luke 4:9-12) because he knew how furious God could be if he did so. So its just very sad that these guys who claim to be men of do not really know God. God needs us to worship him with our humble hearts. Learn something from answers Shadrach and his two feiends gave to king Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel 3:16-18) Verse 18 has all God needs. He has the right to save us or not. We have got no right to command him to do something for us. Its my prayer that with the help of holy spirit people should see where they are going. In Jesus’ name, AMEN.

  3. The imbalance in your report is about as deranged as the Daniel that did not know the difference between faith, foolishness and presumption. Your clever presentation is rather tasteless and the relish embedded in the sad recount is a signature of another extreme. Yes it is evident that religion can be abused and is indeed a dangerous curve but we need to draw a line between sound faith and religious presumption. You probably quoted pastor Ituah out of context and have an ax to grind but you have forgotten that one extreme is as bad as the other! Please remember this when you breathe your last breath and approach the portals of eternity armed with your clever philosophy. I do recall the sad incident and the religious excesses of the Ibadan “Daniel” who probably had an undetected and unadressed disorder like many of the battered citizens of Africa. Like all other processed groups of the African Experience we also have our brilliant rationalist who keep yabbing but add no value. Intense apes of the white world and subjects of an education system that produces “grammered” learners that keep learning without coming to a knowledge of truth. Please keep up your campaign.

  4. My people perish for lack of knowledge says God in the bible. Even our Lord Jesus said; I do nothing except what my father has shown me.
    Any one that wants to proof God, must be instructed by him, or take a stand by his word. Paul didn’t go to look for the snake that bite him. In the cause of his work, he went to gather sticks for fire to keep warm. Not for himself alone, but for all that were there with him. A viper snake (bites you and you die within 30 minutes without medication) bite him and held fast to his hand. Bro Paul simply shoved the snake in the fire. The people that witnessed it saw blood dripping from his hand and watched to see him fall down and die. But when he didn’t and went ahead to performed other miracles, they believed on him and he led then to Christ.
    But we can be sincerely wrong. We can be so wrong and yet be do sincere.
    We can do God a service without his permissive will.
    Those who tied explosives on themselves and went among a crowd to die with many people, believing that they will end up in paradise were so sincere, but wrong.
    This Daniel of Ibadan zoo was sincere, but wrong by the bible principles, standard and teachings.
    May God help us to know the way of right, the truth, the life and help walk in it. Amen.

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