How Public Speaking Is Key To Standing Out

Here are three quick ways to make yourself the boss of the stage:

1. Authenticity is key.

Most people only want to do business with people who can truly help them reach a goal and reach it quickly.

Your message needs to reflect who you are, what you do and, most importantly, what you can do for others. Make yourself someone who people want to do business with.

2. Be the expert.

No one wants to see an uncomfortable person reading off of slides. We’ve all squirmed in our seats when this has happened. When the room feels awkward for you, you’ll lose credibility and possibly sales. Be confident in what you’re saying, back yourself up with statistics and prove your worth to your audience.

I’m known for live-coaching from the stage. When you break the fourth wall by connecting with your audience and giving live solutions to real people with real problems, you instantly become the expert.


3. Make an offer they can’t refuse.

When the crowd likes you as a person, trusts your expertise and is hungry to do business with you, make it easy for them to move forward. Offer a special price for the first 20 who sign up, throw in a bonus session or provide a ticket to your next event. Don’t torture your potential clients by leaving them indecisive.

Now that you have the basics of why you need to take the stage, it’s time to get started. Start researching and asking around.

If you are just starting out, start small. Make the first move and step out from behind the screen. Attend networking events in your local area. Meetups and similar networking services are full of people who are ready to do business. Use these as an opportunity to master your quick pitch and test out your messaging.

Once you’ve attended a few events and begun making new connections, it’s easy to use your contacts to land presenting spots at networking events and lunches. Once you’re there, make yourself seen. Hiding behind a laptop will only get you so far.

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