How To Apply For Nigerian Passport Yourself

How To Apply For Nigerian Passport Yourself
You can now apply for a Nigerian passport online. The application process is simple and easy to use with online application guidelines.
Here is a step by step guide of how I got passport myself at the IKOYI PASSPORT OFFICE, Lagos and you can use this guide too.
I did my passport at the official rate in a day without paying any extra fee and I got my passport in less than 2 months after data capture.
I don’t know anyone working in immigration and you can use this guide to get your passport at the official government rate and by yourself.

For New Issue / Renewal, follow these steps:

1. Type nigeria immigration in your browser and click the link then apply for new passport or renewal as it applies.
All requirements are stated on the immigration website.
2. Fill the form appropriately, pay for the type of passport you want and print completed form.
Also Download Guarantor’s form from same page, print and fill appropriately.
3.Letter of identification from Local Government/State of origin or residence.
4. National Identity Card.
5. Print Completed passport application form
6. 2 passport sized photographs – with white background (passport photographs endorsed at the back by the Guarantor).
7. Marriage certificate, change of name documentation and newspaper extract (for married women or where applicable).
8. Birth Certificate or Sworn Declaration of Age.
9. Print Acknowledgement Slip, Guarantor’s form and Evidence of Payment.
10. Make copies of all documents and take them to Ikoyi Passport Office, Lagos
11. Completed Guarantors’ form duly signed by a Commissioner for Oaths attached with Photocopy of Data page of Guarantor’s Nigerian e-Passport and one passport sized photograph of the Guarantor. (There is a Commissioner for Oaths right in the passport office that can sign this for you for N1,000) The building is at the back, towards the left after the ATM machines and LONG ROOM (just keep asking)
12. Sign in at the gate then go to SERVICOM office – Second building on your right from the gate.
Speak with the officers at the reception to open a file for you.
13. You’ll get a file with another form – just a replica of the one you filled online- Fill that again and register your file at office just opposite the reception.
14. Ask for LONG ROOM – Its about the 3rd building on the left fro the gate. You are doing 3 things in that block
  • 1st room: for your payment verification
  • 2nd room: the section on the right is for enrolment of your data
  • 3rd room: its just to the left of the 2nd room (they are same rooms) for capturing your data


1. Do not wear a white cloth so your picture will be OK against the white background.
2. Eat well, go with a bucket of patience and be relaxed so you can check your data well when it is being entered or reviewed in capturing stage (check letter to letter)
3. Don’t use your phone nor snap pictures in the capturing room.
The officers were very pleasant and ready to give directions for the next step, so ask questions.
I was given a collection reference number and 3 weeks to collect the passport
I added 3 weeks to the date I was given for collection and it was ready by then.
I collected the passport, activated it as directed and that was it.


All the requirements for adults plus their father’s state of origin certificate and consent letter (father’s own o)
They might not process forms unless it’s the father’s origin certificate and signed consent letter.
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