How To Catch A Cheating Husband And Make Yourself Unhappy

If a husband is cheating, the wife will often suspect something is up almost immediately. Some of the indicators that a husband are cheating would be a change in his normal routine or a lack of interest in getting intimate. But how do you actually catch a husband in the act of being unfaithful? There are many interesting and high-tech methods wives can use to find out just what their husbands are up to.

Try A Honey Trap

Honey traps have been around for a very long time and the simple reason for their popularity is they work. If you think that your husband is cheating on you, then the chances that he will look for other cheating opportunities are pretty high. That is when you set a honey trap and catch him in the act.

To set a honey trap, you need a very attractive woman that is not yourself or a friend of yours that your husband knows. Send your attractive bait to a place where your husband will see her and make sure that she presents herself as very available to him. You can put a microphone on her, or simply plan on having her bring your husband back to her place where you will be waiting. If he is cheating, then he will fall for a honey trap.

Use Technology

While checking your husband’s email or Internet browsing history could reveal information about who he is talking to, it is his car that will tell you where he is really going. You can install a secret GPS device in his car and track every place he goes. If he is heading to a lot of hotels or to an address you do not recognize, then he is probably cheating.

Surprise Intimacy

A non-technical way that you can determine if your husband is cheating is to use a method called surprise intimacy. If your husband has been coming home late from the office more than usual, then meet him at the door wearing something sexy and show him that you are in the mood. The simple truth is that if he constantly rejects your advances, then he is getting his intimacy somewhere else.

No one wants to believe their husband is cheating on them, but sometimes a woman just knows that something is not right. There are non-invasive ways you can use to determine if your husband is cheating and decide if your relationship is over.

This will not be a happy time, so you need to decide if it is really worth the hunt.


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