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How to change your font styles on Instagram for a more attractive outlook

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Have you ever wondered how some Instagram accounts use different and more attractive font styles on their bio and posts?

In this article, we’ll show you how fonts work on Instagram and what options you have if you want to change them on your Instagram bio, posts, or profile.

But before then, why should you change the font on Instagram? Well, these are some of the reasons:

#1. It Helps You Stand Out

Instagram is one of the most creative social media platforms. Many designers, creators, artists use it to showcase their work. Similarly, many brands are also competing for attention by highlighting their creativity.

And that means that the level of competition in terms of creativity is incredibly high.

Using custom fonts is one way to make your Instagram presence different from the others and stand out.


#2.  It’s Way To Showcase Your Creativity

Instagram is all about experimenting with your content, isn’t it? The social media platform offers so many ways to do that, after all. Changing text fonts is another way by which you can showcase your creativity.


#3. To Leverage on Latest Trends

Another incredible thing about Instagram is the speed at which new trends emerge on the platform. And, let’s face it, they will affect what you do on the platform as well.

Just imagine sticking to a trend for way too long. Eventually, your followers will see your profile as outdated and falling behind the pack.

Using custom fonts on Instagram is currently trending among influencers and brands. This means that it is time to give it a try.

Now, having settled that, let’s cover how you can change fonts on Instagram.

How to Change Fonts on Instagram

The process is quite simple. To change fonts, you need to use an Instagram Font Generator.

Font generators, as the name might suggest, aim to simplify the process of changing fonts. But those tools also help you explore all the different options before picking the right font for your brand, giving you the freedom to choose Insta fonts you’d like.

There are several types of font generators you can make use of, but let’s look at these. – This is a very simple tool that helps you pick the best font for you. All you have to do is type the text and explore all the available fonts.

The tool’s interface includes only a text field where you can type your Instagram content to style. Once you’ve done that, the tool will generate fonts to output your copy, allowing you to choose the one you like.

FontGet – Instagram Font Generator – Here is another simple option to try based on a text box and a list of all the available fonts that you can use.

However, FontGet also expands your options with emojis, cool symbols, and text faces.

MetaTags Font Generator – If you want to preview how your new font shows up on your bio, then this tool is for you.

You can use it to preview your profile with different fonts and see how they’d work to represent your brand.

Fonts.Social – This is a fun tool to try out new fonts while exploring their emoji recommendations that go along with your text.

How to Change Font on Your Instagram Bio

Let’s look at the step-by-step process of how to add custom fonts to your bio.

First of all, you need to use one of the Instagram font generators we’ve mentioned above. Let’s say you decide to use the MetaTags Font Generator. Here’s the exact process to use it to change fonts on your bio:

  • Visit MetaTags Font Generator.
  • Type your text at the left of the screen
  • Several font options will show up. Pick the one that you like. Copy the text
  • Go to the Instagram app. Tap at your profile
  • Click at the top of your profile at ‘Edit Profile.’
  • Paste the text on your bio, and you’re done.TIP: Keep in mind the limit of 150 characters, so make sure you provide all the necessary details for your brand in this section.

How to Change Font on Your Instagram Post

Here’s how the process will look like when changing fonts on an Instagram post.

Once again, you need to start with an Instagram font generator. We’re picking this time.

So, here’s what you need to do:

  • Visit
  • Type your text at the text box
  • Several font options will show up right below. Pick the one that you like. Copy the text
  • Go to the Instagram app.
  • Create a new Instagram post
  • Paste the text
  • Share your postYou’re done!

However, while playing around with fonts, take note of these;

#1. Don’t Change All Your Instagram Fonts

First of all, you don’t necessarily need to change all your Instagram fonts. Just because it’s fun and it can help you stand out, it doesn’t mean that you need to use them on all your posts.

In fact, it’s better to use the new fonts strategically so that they help you stand out.

There’s no need to go through the process of using an Instagram Font Generator for every single feed post. It will soon look repetitive to your followers.

It can also look like you’re overusing an Instagram trend. You don’t want your followers to think that you’re trying too hard, do you?

#2. Retain Brand Consistency

All your creative output on Instagram should align with your branding. Changing your Instagram font can be fun, but you still need to be consistent with your brand.

Make sure you stick to the fonts that reflect your brand instead of using a different one on every single post.

Pick one or two fonts that match your brand’s content and start using them more often.

#3. Consider Accessibility

Custom fonts are all based on Unicode characters. This means that they should show up on all browsers and devices using a universal code.

However, it’s not always the case. Sometimes not all characters show up, which makes your custom font illegible.

Be careful with the fonts you’re using, and make sure you test them as much as possible on different devices.

In conclusion, your success and ability to stand out on Instagram and other social media platforms will be greatly determined by how creative you are.
Hence, you must not overlook even a little dose of creativity you can incorporate.
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