How To Cope With Morning Sickness When Pregnant

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During the first trimester, there’s a surge of hormones and it’s quite a difficult time.

Of course, pregnancy is different for everyone and while some women may have a seamless pregnancy journey, others may have a terrible one. A lot of times though, many women will experience morningsickness which normally starts by the 5th or 6th week of pregnancy and may get worse towards the beginning of the 3rd month then disappear towards the start of the 2nd trimester although in some women, it may last longer. No one really knows what causes nausea during pregnancy but it’s thought to be the surge of pregnancy hormones which may lead to a heightened sense of smell,  to certain smells and tastes as well food aversion and a more sensitive digestive system. Good thing is, there are home remedies that can help you get through the morning sickness.

1. Eat smaller portions and more frequently.

Avoiding food can cause nausea. It’s important to note that at this time, you’re eating for two people so try and eat smaller portions and more frequently.

2. Soothe the stomach with ginger.

Ginger has been known to help settle the stomach. Try having some ginger tea, or chew on a tiny piece of ginger to feel better.

3. Avoid some foods.

Avoid overly fatty and greasy foods, very sweet foods, spicy as well as gas-producing foods. High protein, carbohydrate, salty, low fat and dry foods like cereal and toast are said to be less likely to cause nausea.

4. Avoid strong smells.

When pregnant, certain smells will make you feel nauseated and so the best thing you can do is avoid environmental triggers and strong smells – anything that affects you, be it cigarette smoke, strong perfumes etc. When cooking, keep the windows open if you cannot stand some smells or have someone help you with the cooking.

5. Aromatherapy.

Smell mint, lemon or orange to help alleviate nausea. You could also sniff scented oil when you feel nauseated.

6. Exercise.

It’s been said that exercising helps with the symptoms. Instead of sitting down all day, try taking a walk during the day, going for a swim or joining a prenatal y. class. Exercise is highly recommended during pregnancy as it helps in the overall health and can even reduce pain during labor.

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