How To Create A Strong Company Culture

If left to its own devices, your company will still develop shared beliefs and behaviors based on your team members’ personalities and prior experiences. But, you can also build your culture by following these steps:

  1. Identify your mission: Why does your business exist? Share your goals for the company with your team. Not only will this help them understand any decisions you make, but it will also help them find meaning in their own work.
  2. Define your long-term vision: Creating a positive culture takes time, but you can start by defining your values. These will act as your guideposts as you’re deciding where you want your business to go. Your staff will know how to act in new situations and understand what their objectives are.
  3. Communicate your culture: You’re not always going to be standing over your employees’ shoulders, so they need to know how to make decisions when you’re not around. Create a shared document that includes your mission statement, core values, examples and shared beliefs. You might choose to include this information in your employee handbook, through a slide deck, or even in a video.
  4. Hire people with similar values: Once you’ve established your core beliefs, you’ll know what to look for when you’re hiring new workers. Hiring people who share the same tenets as your company can help you maintain your culture because they’ll buy into your purpose faster and will want to stay with your business.

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